If you don’t have prior experience in Photo on Acrylic Printing and this is the first time that you want to get a cherished photograph printed on acrylic, it is important to know all that there is to know about the printing process. This is because acrylic printing is a technical procedure and it can be more expensive than other types of printing. Therefore, before you commit your financial resources to the printing of Photo on Acrylic Printing, you should be aware of how the printing services work, what kind of equipment they use and what additional services they provide. Also, make sure you compare and contrast the services, prices and qualities of printed material of more than one companies so you end up choosing the best out of the lot. Equipment Used For Photo on Acrylic Printing Perspex printing or acrylic printing is a newer method to produce photographs on another medium. This newer method is also gaining popularity because that make for some great home decoration pieces that relay cherished family memories or simply a beautiful nature shot that you took yourself. What happens in the process of acrylic printing is that first, you photograph is printed using high quality photo paper. Then this printed photograph is reverse mounted on a thick 5 millimeter, clear sheet of acrylic with the help of UV fade resistance inks. In some cases, the photograph can be printed directly to the acrylic sheet as well. The difference of this Photo on Acrylic Printing compared to canvas printing is that in canvas printing, the ink is used on the canvas directly. In acrylic printing, the printing is done on the rigid acrylic sheet on the reverse side. Nevertheless, using the first method of acrylic printing-by-printing first on photo paper produces a high quality image of 2440 dpi as compared to the second method of acrylic printing in which the maximum possible resolution is 720 dpi and 144dpi. Finish and additional services of Photo on Acrylic Printing The kind of presentation you want for your printed photograph and the finishing that you desire can be completely customized based on your needs. Aluminum fixings attached to the print can be used to fix the print directly on the wall keeping a distance of 20-25 mm, which gives a stylish and elegant look. The edges of the print can also be polished to give off a finished and completed look. In addition to all this, many acrylic printing services offer delivery services as well so that you do not have to go pick up the prints yourself. This saves a lot of trouble especially if the print is large. Most of them will print photographs whether they are in soft copy form or even hard copies. This means that no matter how old your photograph is, you can still enjoy the benefits of Photo on Acrylic Printing. It is still a good idea to make sure that the resolution of your photographs is high enough to produce a high quality image.