When we talk about photography, there is a lot more to the process as opposed to simply creating an ideal composition. Whether you are an amateur photographer learning about the basics of photography or a professional in need of high-quality prints, understanding the difference between popular printing technologies is critical. Capturing the perfect picture takes hours of preparation, planning, and editing. All this labor pitched in by you can go into vain if the final print out doesn’t come as good as you wanted it to look. Most professionals go with acrylic printing near me to capture the best reproduction of their photographs.

So, if you are in need of help to decode the professional printing techniques, here in this article, we have illustrated what is the difference between canvas print and an acrylic print.

Understanding the Difference between Acrylic and Canvas Print

1- The Process:

In essence, the canvas printing process is done by printing the image directly upon the canvas. This canvas print is then stretched & wrapped all around the frame. This process is conceived either by wrapping this image around a stretcher or using the white-colored border to introduce proper edge. Canvas prints can be made in various customizable sizes creating an authentic and individual copy. One can also opt for the canvas prints to be protected by the UV lamination technique.

On the other hand, the technique of acrylic photo printing involves printing the picture onto the photographic paper followed by sandwiching the same between two 5mm acrylic sheets. The backside of this acrylic sheet can be white, black, or even transparent depending upon the image style. Makers generally use the aluminum standoffs for attaching the frame with the wall that adds in an element of visual depth. So, if you are looking for such visual depth, you can go with service providers for acrylic printing near me.

2- Appearance:

When it comes to the appearance of the final product, you need to imagine the exact aesthetic you aim for. In order to achieve a contemporary and sleek look, going with the acrylic print provisions, the sharpest and most vibrant image. While acrylic printing is a relatively new concept when compared with canvas printing, it continues to attain popularity. Acrylic printing is crucial for the professionals who pitch in great value for presentation. So, if you need the perfect presentation for your picture, it is essential that you go with acrylic printing near me.

Now, canvas printing is known to produce a noticeably textured finish that looks more authentic and old-school. So, if you are someone who loves things that add an edge to the overall look for home decor, the canvas is something you should go for. Acrylic printing, on the contrary, tends to support the commercial environment giving a professional look to the entire environment.

3- Vibrancy of the Color:

In terms of vibrancy, the acrylic prints tend to have a better edge over the canvas prints. The acrylic face mounting option takes incomplete advantage of its reflective qualities. As no light can pass through the acrylic print, its deep & vibrant colors can easily maintain their real vibrancy. On the opposite end, canvas printing requires more color to be included. This guarantees best coverage of colors. With canvas printing, the details might be lots given the extra layering. So, when it comes to color vibrancy, it is advised that one should go with the acrylic prints.

4- Durability:

If you are in need of a highly durable option, you can go with any of the two. Both acrylic and canvas prints have their own benefits when it comes to durability. However, when you take a more in-depth look into the longevity quotient, acrylic printing stands the test of time in a better way. This version of printing tends to be shatter-resistant, provides protection from UV, and is lighter to glass. Some acrylic prints are even scratch resistant making them the go-to option for acrylic printing near me.

Talking about the canvas prints, the add-on lamination leaves the canvas completely splash-proof, making it easy to be wiped. Plus, it also offers UV protection. However, cheaper alternatives can be varnishes as opposed to being laminated. This leads to ink cracks. So, if you have plans to opt for canvas prints, it is crucial that you check whether it is laminated or varnished.

5- Price:

Cost is another factor that helps you determine whether picking acrylic prints or canvas prints should be your move. For professional photographers, going with acrylic prints is undoubtedly worth the extra price. Acrylic prints although a bit on the expensive side, cater better vibrancy and durability resulting in a fantastic outcome that lasts long.

Canvas prints are massively popular in the market and offer a cheaper alternative to photo printing with acrylic. However, they aren’t as durable and vibrant as you would like them to be. So, the go-to option here is acrylic printing near me.


In general, both acrylic and canvas prints have their own pros and cons. While one suits the professionals, the other one adds warmth and coziness to the home environment. So, picking from the two is entirely your decision depending upon your requirements.

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