If you have ever spent some time researching through the online platform for acrylic prints, you might have surely come across the phrase “HD Acrylic Prints.” This term is mostly used by marketers to promote their products and services for custom acrylic prints. However, you might be amazed to know that a normal face-mounted variant of acrylic print is the same as that of HD acrylic print. It is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to attract customers. This can be a clever method to market the product, which is by default, an HD option in itself.

So, why is the acrylic print high definition?

The main reason photo prints done with acrylic are so clear, vibrant, and crisp is given the fact that light interacts uniquely with it. Instead of simply passing via the acrylic mount, it refracts while creating an illuminating effect for the photo. Another reason for the custom acrylic prints to shine and look so high definition is the airtight bond amid the photo print and acrylic print.

That being said, certain components added to the acrylic print might add another layer of vibrancy, definition, and pop to the same. So, let us take a quick look at some of the components that should always be a part of your custom acrylic prints.

HD Acrylic Prints: An Insight into the Components

1-Face Mounted:

Your custom acrylic prints should be printed upon a professional quality paper designed just for photo printing. The resulting print has to be face mounted with the use of the process, which matches closely to the popular Diasec method. In simple terms, acrylic prints created by directly printing over the acrylic might look nice. However, it is in no way comparable to the acrylic face-mounted version.

2-Metallic Paper:

With most of the acrylic-based face mounts, you will be given an option to pick from different variants of satin/luster paper along with the option of metallic paper. This particular paper is an optimal option for the photographs as it provides additional pop and depth when paired along with acrylic mount. The most common choices for metallic papers for acrylic face-mounted print include Fuji Crystal, Kodak Endura, and the Lexjet Metallic. However, when opting for custom acrylic prints to get family photos and pictures that require soft colors, you should avoid the ones that come with metallic paper.

3-Acrylic Thickness:

Remember the part about light refraction we mentioned at the start of this blog? So, it stands true that the thicker your acrylic mount, the higher its vibrancy. Not just that, you get access to an amazingly cool three-dimensional effect towards the side. Most of the custom acrylic prints come with the 1/8” as well as ¼” thicknesses. If you need a good print for gallery needs, the acrylic print mount used should be ¼” along with the edge that is polished with diamond. While this might cost you more than your typical 1/8”, it surely provides a great look to your print and allows more amount of light to refract from the same. If you seek a truly stunning and unique look, always consider the thickness of the acrylic to suit your need for vibrancy.

4-Art Lighting:

Not every printing service provider has the ability to provide custom acrylic prints with high-quality lighting. However, if you manage to get your hands on such acrylic prints, it can make a huge difference to the print. In simple terms, direct lighting to the acrylic mount will make it illuminate with higher pop and vibrancy.

5-Acrylic Type:

Apart from the thickness of the acrylic mount, another factor or component that comes into play is the type. With your acrylic prints, you will normally get standard mounts. However, you can also choose from the non-glare, black, as well as frosted acrylic mounts. In most cases, the black and frosted acrylic mounts are used only to get prints that are of the front-mounted type.

Why should you choose face-mounted custom acrylic print?

  • Better for Business:

Acrylic prints are an optimally smart choice when it comes to business or commercial use. It can easily be customized to meet your printing needs. They also come ready to be hanged with the message of your business stated in bold colors.

  • Color Quality:

Acrylic prints are popular for producing the images paired with vibrant colors. If you plan to replicate your existing pictures and need it to be bright, the prints done with acrylic will be highly-accurate. This is true in terms of colors, and it surely looks very close to the original.

  • Durability:

The best thing about the acrylic mounts is the fact that they are very durable. They are shatter-resistant as well as scratch-resistant. They tend to hold up pretty well for long time-periods.


Acrylic prints, whether used for business or personal purposes, can be incredibly easy-to-maintain. They are super smooth to look at and tend to last for years to come. A gentle dusting can help bring back the acrylic print to its new form. So, if you have a memory or business requirement to be fulfilled with the acrylic mounting process, you will most definitely get amazing prints for your needs.

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