wall murals peel and stick

Wall Murals have gained immense popularity as a tool for enhancing home décor. Traditionally, wall murals could only be created by applying paint directly on a surface that had to be decorated. However, with the advances in technology and printing, modern wall murals are more than just paintings on a wall. They are larger than life images that are printed on surfaces that can measure up to 30 feet wide. At Easy Sign, wall murals can be completely customized to your liking. These murals are printed on excellent quality surfaces that last longer and decorate your home or office beautifully. Easy Sign has a lot of expertise in designing larger than life murals in completely customized sizes. It has provided this service within homes, offices and even public areas in Florida, taking on board plenty of happy customers. Designing your own peel and stick wall mural If you are a looking for a completely customized print on your living room wall, Easy Sign has the perfect package for you. The company uses printing technology that lets you design your own wall mural that can easily be stuck to the wall with no hassle of fitting and resizing. Instead of choosing from a few standard images, you can now make one of your favorite holiday pictures a life size mural! There is no better way of preserving holiday memories than by getting them printed and fitted to your wall where you can relive those moments any time of the day. Three Easy Steps
  • Chose a digital picture of you and your family that you love
  • Send it to Easy Sign, who inspects your wall ( including its size) and the quality of the picture
  • The picture is printed on the material of your choice and sent to you for sticking it on your wall.
With these easy steps, stick and peel wall murals have become very accessible and common. The ‘peel and stick’ feature of these murals have made it easy for people to fix them on walls without having to wait for company representatives or going through the hassle of making holes in their walls. Not only do they improve the look of your living room or office, the murals give character and depth to the living space by personalizing the plain and empty look on a wall to something that is a reflection of the people around it. No doubt, looking at a warm sunset mural is pleasing beyond measure on a chilly winter evening. Specifications and designs available Murals can be designed on a variety of surfaces. The choice of the surface is entirely up to you; however, it is advisable to contact a professional instead of choosing the material on a whim because printing quality varies from material to material. However, each of these surfaces is suitable for printing pictures and graphics without disturbing the image quality. In fact, the soft and hard textures only add more depth and character to the overall look of the mural. High quality surfaces available at Easy Sign include; textured and non-textured varieties such as:
  • Pebble Sand: Deeply textured compared to the other surfaces, Pebble Sand is ideal for detailed photographic images.
  • Cabretta: A finely textured surface that will give you mural a plush leather look!
  • Canvas: Ideal for themed décor to give a soft and comforting look to a mural.
  • Plaster: Want your restaurant wall to look like it has been painted by the famous 19th century artists? Look no further! Plaster is a lightly textured surface that closely resembles a wall so that no one will know it’s a peel and stick mural!
  • Mache: Gives your wall a completely new feel with the ‘wrinkled old parchment look.’
  • Pique: Relatively subtly in its texture, Pique is an excellent choice for a patterned feel to your wall. It is also one of the best materials to reduce glare in the picture
  • Suede: A warm and natural feel is the standout feature of Suede, which is great for detailed printing.
How to make your wall mural look its best Remembering a few points, while deciding on the best wall mural, will make yours turn out exactly like you pictured.
  • Make sure your image is taken with a camera with more than 8 mega pixels. This picture quality is ideal for digitally printed murals.
  • Do not forget to point out any specific details or instructions you feel are important.
  • Remember to keep in mind the amount of space you have on your wall and the amount of detail on your picture. Both should be in sync so that the image does not look compromised. Experts at Easy Sign are very helpful with these details.