Vinyl Printing

One of the most commonly used techniques in digital printing is vinyl printing. Most of the promotional banners, billboards and signs that you see all around town have been printed on Vinyl which uses a high quality material called PVC. Vinyl printing has gained a lot of momentum because of various benefits that it has over and above printing on paper or regular board. With advances in the printing industry, advertisement boards and signs are printed with large format inkjet printers that have very clear color displays and can produce hundreds of copies of the same print or completely customized versions of the original. Printing and advertising companies’ world over have resorted to using Vinyl as the most feasible medium for printing. These large signboards and banner are used for purposes such as advertising with standees and billboards, décor of retail outlets and displays in trade shows and other large events. Types of Vinyl Printing The usefulness of Vinyl printing was recognized years ago. The earliest form of vinyl printing was done by hand where painters drew aesthetic prints and designs on PVC sheets and took days to perfect a life size Vinyl banner. By using various formats and fonts for writing, these handmade banners and signs were made over a period of days and weeks because each occupied a group of painters who worked as graphic designers. The obvious drawback of so much time and resources tied up in making one banner reduced the demand and supply for this kind of vinyl printing. Another type of vinyl printing is called Silk Screening in which special paints and inks are force down on the surface through a stencil. Because of a lot of manual work, required, Silk screening is now only done when a few banners are required for small occasions. This brings us to Digital Vinyl Printing, which uses high-speed inkjet printers to print highly customized signs, banners and posters for various uses. This mode of Vinyl printing has enabled banners and posters to be prepared in hours instead of days and weeks therefore, combating the drawbacks of older methods of vinyl printing. Benefits of Vinyl Printing Used as a medium, Vinyl offers some very strategic advantages in the printing world, both to the printer and to the company or advertiser ordering the banner, signs and posters. Vinyl banners are beautiful displays with stark color combinations and high quality imprint that makes the banners feel larger than life. Digital vinyl printing consumes less time and effort. Most of the work associated to this mode of printing is done on computers by taking help from graphic designers. Once the design is ready it is printed by inkjet printers in a matter of hours and minutes depending on the size of the banner and its color density. Three distinct advantages of PVC printing are:
  • Durability: Printing on Vinyl makes banners very durable. PVC is a very strong material that can withstand effects of weather, daily wear and tear and resists color fading. This is why most outdoor advertising is done through Vinyl sheets and billboards. Breakage and cracking is also very rare in this medium of printing. This benefit is a result of certain chemicals used in vinyl paints that are UV and Fade resistant. Therefore, making vinyl printing an ideal form of communication.
  • Flexibility: Vinyl banners provide great flexibility in their usage. At Easy Sign Inc., a printing company located in Florida, Vinyl signs are printed in various colors and sizes for a plethora of occasions such as; birthday parties, trade shows, advertising, special announcements, graduation ceremonies, church gathering and club parties to name a few. Vinyl can be used in any shape and size to suit the multiple occasions at which you need these banners for decoration and information.
  • Economical:  One very common question among readers is whether Vinyl Printing costs more than printing on paper or cardboard. Because, this printing is durable and flexible, using vinyl is cost effective in the long run. Same banners can be used multiple times and for long periods because they are UV and Fade resistant thus, slashing marketing costs effectively for small companies.
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