Choosing a banner stand for your company’s seminar or trade show is not easy especially when there are several kinds of banner stands available in the market. There are banner stands of various sizes and styles; the key to choosing the right banner stand for a particular purpose is to understand what sort of stand is needed according to the nature of your purpose. And for that, you need to know features and descriptions of the different types of banner stands in the market. Some Prominent Types of Banner Stands
  1. Retractable Banner Stands: Retractable banner stands are most frequently used in seminars, fairs and trade shows because they are portable, easily come out of their casing, and are pretty hassle free. Most of such stands have a spring-loaded rolling that is quite similar to the rolling mechanism of a window shade. This winding mechanism is of different types; some banner stands have a lightweight rolling device while some have a weighty one.
  Banner stands also come in different types of materials: plastic, steel, wrought iron etc. If you want a durable stand and have a handsome investment for a good quality banner stand then consider getting a wrought iron banner stand; it will not only look good but will last for a very long time. Plastic banner stands are good too but are not as tough as wrought iron or steel ones; but they are definitely lighter and easier to carry around than the latter two. If your company organizes shows and seminars every now and then investing in a fine quality retractable banner stand would be a good idea as it is very convenient to use and is transportable too.  
  1. Standard or Non-retractable Banner Stands: Stands that have a mainframe that opens up to hold a banner are known as stand or non-retractable banner stands. These are different from the retractable ones as they do not have a winding mechanism and cannot be opened up or closed. These banner stands are very simple and have no special feature in them still they are often used during trade shows, functions, and different events. This is because non-retractable banner stands are very affordable; they are not as pricey as the retractable ones. However, these stands are not that handy and cannot be easily moved around. So if you are low on funds and need a banner stand you can think of getting a standard one, as it will not cost you much.
  1. Double Sided Banner Stands: Double sided banner stands are designed to hold two banners at the same time. These stands have a broader base than a single sided or simple banner stand so it can easily hold two banners. These stands are very useful too especially when you have many banners to put up during an event but less budget to get individual stands for each banner. You will get a fine quality double-sided banner stand in about $400-$800.
  1. Scrolling Banner Stands: If you have lots of banners or messages to show to your audience during a function then you should invest in a good scrolling banner stand. A scrolling banner stand rotates images on it and creates motion; this keeps your audience interested in your presentation as well. Normally scrolling banner stands cost something around six hundred dollars.
  1. Exchangeable Cassette Stands: This kind of banner stands is very useful especially when you have to change the graphic placed on a stand repeatedly. With exchangeable cassette stands, you can take out the old roller or cassette and swap it with a new cassette that has a new graphic/ banner on it. Such banner stands come in use when your company is running a lot marketing campaigns. These stands usually cost you around $500-$1000.
  1. Outdoor Banner Stands: These banner stands are specially designed for outdoor events, as they are heavy, strong, and durable and can easily withstand air pressure and drastic weather conditions. Outdoor banner stands are like standard banner stands but are more robust and heavy-duty than the standard ones. In addition, some outdoor banner stands have an internal roller too.
Now that you have an understanding about different types of banner stands, you can choose one easily depending on your need and occasion. Click here for more info.