We accept the following file formats.

Full Color Printing

Photos that will be used in the production of full color printed items such as posters, Banners, Canvas, Photo on Acrylic, should adhere to the below specifications.

  • Vector (PDF, AI, EPS) format or 300 DPI Raster (PSD, TIF, JPG) format
  • Created in CMYK (not RGB) color space
  • All type converted to curves
  • Design in Four-Color Process To achieve the best color results on your final product, you should convert your document to use the CMYK color definition. This is the color space used by professional printers. RGB is used by your computer monitor. Using RGB on your artwork will cause color variation in the printed version compared to what you see on your screen. If your software allows color profiles, use CMYK: Web Coated (SWOP) v2 to view the most accurate representation of your final printed colors.

    When using our online editor, your colors are rendered in RGB. We will convert to four-color process before producing your project. There may be some color shifting as a result. If your design is complicated or has a lot of critical color values, it might be best to download a template and design offline, then send us your completed design for production through our file upload tool.


    Vector Images vs. Raster Images

    It is best to use vector graphics when possible as opposed to raster or bitmap images in your designs. Vector images define areas with mathematical equations, whileraster images are composed of tiny dots called pixels. Pixels placed close together fool our eyes into seeing a continuous area of color. When you need gradients or photographs, raster images are generally your best option for this reason. However, because a raster image contains a fixed number of dots, when you enlarge it, the raster image’s ability to fool the eye suffers. There will be more space between the dots and the dots get larger. Raster images used in printing should be as close to 300 DPI (dots per inch) as possible. Lower resolution may result in “pixelation” or fuzzy images, as seen below.


PDF, jpg, tiff, cdr, eps, zip, bmp,ai 

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