When it comes to proper advertising, nothing can beat the affordability, versatility, as well as effectiveness of a properly placed vinyl signage. With technology excelling at a fast rate, outdoor vinyl banner printing can be created in various shapes as well as sizes. Whether you are a simple shop owner trying to expand your product offerings or a corporate trying to gain momentum in this world of tough competition, vinyl banners serve as an ideal solution for any purpose.

Common Variants for Vinyl Banners

Print Styles

  • Hand Printed:

Before technology made things easier for banners, many signs were actually hand-printed. Mostly, the vinyl medium was picked as the canvas to ensure portability. Opting for vinyl banner printing assures a canvas that is lightweight, affordable, as well as easy-to-roll out. Getting your advertising signs hand-printed required hiring a professional painter for the design, execution, as well as layout for the artwork.

  • Screen-Printed:

Now, talking about the screen-printed vinyl banners. These options tend to be comparatively popular as opposed to the ones that have been hand-painted. They operate similar to the hand-printed version, where the ink is applied manually to your vinyl canvas in order to create the graphics and letters. The screen printing process for vinyl banner printing produces images that are of very high-quality.

  • Digital Inkjet Printing:

The large-format vinyl banner printing techniques have made most of the production techniques absolutely obsolete. This is true for all but with a few exceptions. Today, the large-format printers of the inkjet variants use certain durable pigments that have been designed to resist any deterioration from weather elements such as snow, rain, as well as sun. These particular pigments are available in different forms, which include standard inks based on solvents, inks based-on water, eco-solvents, etc.

Materials Used

  • Screen-Grade Vinyl:

While most of the vinyl banners come from PVC, not every material used for vinyl signs, tend to be the same. Different vinyl banner printing processes require specific set of materials to function, and picking the wrong option can result in low-quality output. The screen-grade vinyl uses screen printing equipment that features high amount of dot gain. The screen-grade banners made of vinyl are flexible as well as light.

  • Inkjet-Grade Vinyl:

The inkjet-grade vinyl tends to be a technically sophisticated item with a lower dot gain ratio that helps accommodate the inkjet heads with precision. Vinyl banner printing that is done with the inkjet–grade material tends to show a stiffer hand that aids in withstanding the heat and rolling involved in the printing process. The inkjet variant can readily accept the line of inks and solvents that make it very versatile for use with any printer variant.

Suspension Methods

  • Hanging Banner:

The simplest yet most effective way of displaying your signs before potential buyers are the use of hanging banners. Once the printing process is over, your banner can easily be hemmed alongside the edges to ensure clean look or affixed with pole pockets or grommets, depending upon how you want it to be used. Hanging banners are meant to be hung in front of the buildings, stuck to the ground using poles, or suspended from the awnings.

  • Light Post Banner:

The light post banner style uses two pockets towards the top as well as the bottom side of the banner that helps pull the same taut between the metal rods. This particular variant of vinyl banner printing is generally double-sided, with use of two single-sided vinyl material or maybe one high-quality vinyl banner that is double-sided.

  • Vehicle Wraps:

This is a particularly new way of advertising. The vehicle wraps tend to use magnetic adhesive or static cling vinyl pieces in order to wrap it perfectly with a truck or car. In most of the cases, these adhesives tend to be removable. A similar form of magnetic adhesive or static clings vinyl signs are used for proper advertising on the shop windows.

  • Billboard Wrap:

With the option of the vinyl banner printing process, you can pull the banner tightly over the billboard frames in order to produce the large advertisements for outdoors in an easy way. Apart from that, the process of billboard wrapping requires you to opt for the highest quality of vinyl that helps prevent stretching, ripping, or wilting that is a part of the normal large-scale process for billboard mounting.

  • Hardback:

The hardback signs tend to use vinyl stickers that are decked with adhesive placed right atop the rigid substrates in order to create the free-standing variant of signage. This particular method is used popularly with lawn advertising, political campaigns, and so on. Hardback signs tend to be popular as they require a bit more than simple wire clip/single pole that helps them stand upright.


Regardless of the process, material, or printer you use for creating vinyl signs, the ultimate aim is the promotion of your brand and the products. Always remember, the vibrant and high-quality your signs, the better your chances to acquire potential customers that might be impressed with your representation.

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