A popular holiday in the U.S., Thanksgiving is always met with glee faces and lots of special dishes for dinner. For business owners, Thanksgiving 2019 can mean a whole new way to flaunt their services or products. As a business owner, you might feel this holiday could be the perfect time to increase the existing sales numbers. So, if you have special offers planned for Thanksgiving 2019, or simply want to thank your customers, great signage is just what you need.

In essence, Thanksgiving is when everyone rests, relaxes, and spends time with the family. So, you might want to bring in all these feelings into your plans for print marketing. Especially if you own a restaurant business, you might see amped up sales during Thanksgiving.

What do you need to create the perfect signage?

In order to create the perfect business signage for Thanksgiving 2019, you need to think like the way your customers do. You need to address their pain points. Say, for example, you run a restaurant business. Ask yourself or opt for a survey to know which dishes your customers would want to be added to the menu. Enquire whether they are happy with the existing food quality or need it to be better. After you have all these essentials known, you need consider opting for a service provider that is reliable and understands your needs for that perfect holiday signage.

Ideas for the best holiday signage for business during Thanksgiving 2019

1-The Dinner Plate:

This particular signage might seem too generic to you, but it sure is as popular. Thanksgiving is all about people coming together and celebrating with their plates full of amazing dishes. So, what better way to represent Thanksgiving 2019, than a plate with a silver spoon and fork right beside. This signage will fit in perfectly if you have a business related to food industry. Inside the plate, you can write down your message thanking the customers or listing out your exclusive Thanksgiving offers.

2-Banner with Turkey saying Thanks:

If you have planned a discount offer for your business, you need to say it out loud and what better way to do it than a beautifully designed signage. You can have a big turkey with spread out feathers and big anime eyes printed on the signage. To add in an element of fun, create a speech bubble beside the turkey and add your message into the bubble. It would seem as if the turkey is speaking on behalf of your business. This can be a unique idea to promote your business and the holiday offers as you thank your customers.

3-Pumpkin Harvest Signage:

Thanksgiving is a festival to thank for a great harvest. So, the perfect way to represent the essence of the Thanksgiving 2019 holiday is to incorporate these elements into the signage. Regardless of the business you own, a beautifully designed signage with those bright orange pumpkins are best to promote your business offers or thank your customers for their patience and support. You can have your messages printed on each individual pumpkin in the banner. However, you need to make sure that your printing service provider understands your needs in the perfect way. A lack of proper connection with the festival’s theme can render all your effort useless or void. So, always ensure that the communication flow with your signage service provider is thorough. You can also add in some maple leaves to the signage to make the picture seem more festive and colorful.

4-The Scarecrow Signage:

There is a close connection between a good harvest and a ghostly scarecrow. They are used to scare off the birds or other animals as they give an image of humans keeping an eye on the harvest. So, if you want your business to flourish like a perfect harvest, you can add in creative signage with scarecrow printed on it. Just like we did with the turkey, you can make them convey your message through a speech bubble.

Make sure you hang this signage in an area that is accessible to the customers. It could be your door or the rooftop to make it visible to a larger audience. Remember, brighter colors are visible for a long distance. So ensure that the colors you pick are vibrant and bright. However, make sure that the material it is being printed on isn’t too shiny as it can create a sense of distortion for the viewers.

5-The Event Signage:

If you are planning a small event for the Thanksgiving 2019 holiday, you would surely expect maximum attendance for the same. So, how can you promote this event? Yes, you can do that through creative signage. Suppose you are planning a karaoke night, you can create signage where you have a microphone being held by a scarecrow. This is a perfect idea if you want to bring the attention of your target customers to the event. Impressed by your creativity, you will surely see an amazing attendance. Plus, you can always use the very same signage to thank your customers. So, go ahead and get things done this Thanksgiving with an amazing signage. Remember, there is no limit to imagination, so be unique and be creative at your approach.


Festivals and holidays bring in the highest business, and this is why you should always plan to be the best in terms of your print marketing strategies. A creative banner/signage always attracts the attention of the onlookers with successful conversion rate. So, order your Thanksgiving 2019 signage today.

At Easy Signs Inc., we are thankful to all our customers for their trust in our services. We are also grateful to our entire team that has helped create amazing designs with quality maintained from the start. So, whether you want to promote your business or say a sweet thank you to the customers, give us a quick call and order your signage today at low prices. Order today to get amazing discounts for Thanksgiving 2019.