x-type banner standsMost often Banner stands are associated with trade shows, exhibitions and launches but the fact of the matter is that these stands serve many purposes other than just these events. In fact, many retail stores and restaurants use banner stands to help display and advertise their products and services. Banner stands catches the eyes of dozens and even hundreds of people within a short span of time and they can be placed anywhere, which is why they are so popular. Selecting the different varieties of stands means that you know exactly why and how they can help you in your marketing purposes. It also means knowing how much budget you can spare for these stands. This is because an effective marketing campaign can be quite costly and even amongst the types of stands; some of them will be expensive while others will be economical. Therefore, you will need to spread out your budget proportionately for all the components of your marketing efforts. Once you know how much you can spend on Banner stands, the next step is to recognize the purpose of each type of these stands available in the market. The basic kind of stand is often referred to as the X and L shaped stands, and the banner itself is inserted into the top and bottom channel systems. The overall stand is pretty lightweight and versatile for use in restaurants and stores. The next are the roll up Banner stands, which are pretty convenient as they roll out and roll back in by themselves. The base compartment houses the banner and once rolled out, the other end of the banner can be attached to the end of an extendable pole. Due to its ease of use, this type of stand is very popular and is once used at the entrance of stores, exhibitions and trade shows. If you wish to attract the most attention, you can use double-sided stands as well so that people coming and going can view your banners. For this purpose, hanging Banner stands are extremely effective because they come in three sided or four sided stands and once they hang like a chandelier, they can be viewed from any corner of the room. These are some of the more common and popular versions of the Banner stands but you can often find companies selling these stands that have other, advanced versions of such stands as well. Some of the bigger stand companies can customize banner stands for you to serve your unique and specific marketing purposes. Obviously if you are purchasing multiple stands, you can often get a handsome discount especially on the most costly stand types. It is a good idea to do your research on the various stand companies in your location because often you will be able to find a Banner stands company that is not as expensive as other but  offers the same quality services and stands as anybody else around. The more money you are spending, the higher the quality of stands and service you should demand.