Acrylic-printing-services-26022020While printing services have been a dominant aspect in the market, Acrylic printing is fairly new. However, this printing format is slowly gaining prominence among customers, given its advantages over other market variants. Acrylic printing services help add in remarkable optical depth and luminance to your pictures. The mounting work often done on Acrylic is also known as Plexiglas. It allows you a chance to fairly accentuate the picture’s Depth-of-Field.

The acrylic-based glass surface helps protect the picture from any damage caused due to the UV rays. This, in turn, leaves the colored photographs new and shining for years to come.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is actually as polymer named Polymethyl methacrylate or the PMMA. It is durable and clear with a much lighter make as opposed to any other printing material. It is also robust and durable when compared to your standard glass. Given its high durability, the acrylic printing services help prevent any damage to the images while making it fairly easy to be hanged onto the wall.

Most acrylic printing services ensure that the photo print comes with no pointed or rough edges. This is ensured by smoothly cutting technology that adds precision to the acrylic print. In short, acrylic printing makes your artwork or photograph look elegant and high-quality to the onlookers.

Some facts about Acrylic

Acrylic printing services have only recently taken up the market by a storm, which means very few know how great they are. Here are some lesser-known facts about acrylic.

  • Acrylic’s very first public appearance was associated with the popular trademark-PlexiglassTM.
  • Acrylic enabled mass production of items after World War II. This included manufacturing factories that were set up to handle the efforts required for the war. With the absence of acrylic, these factories would have shut down.
  • Apart from PlexiglassTM, Acrylic is known by various other names, which include OptixTM, LuciteTM, and PerspexTM.
  • When comparing your standard glass panel with the acrylic panels, the latter weighs 50 percent less as compared to the former option.
  • Acrylic houses a lot of strength and durability. Of course, no one can defeat the great HULK (Pun-Intended), but yes, this material is known for its impact resistance property, which is about 6-17 times that of glass. The strength of the acrylic print depends on the type of acrylic material used for the creation process.
  • Another benefit of acrylic printing services is the fact that any force greater than its resistance will create large broken pieces as opposed to complete shattering like in case of glass.
  • The transparent variant of acrylic flaunts similar transparency as compared to the finest variant of optical glass.
  • Acrylic material flaunts the highest form of white light transmittance, which is about 92 percent. It is the highest possible percentage found in any material.
  • Colored as well as clear acrylic can easily be drilled, sawn, or machined just like soft metals or wood.
  • Acrylic also durable enough and allows shaping into various forms when heated up like glass.
  • Acrylic also brings in several advantages for manufacturers. One such advantage being the fact that for extruded acrylic, the temperature required is 150 degrees Celsius and 160 for the cast acrylic purpose. This is fairly low as compared to glass that requires 1000 degrees Celsius.

Acrylic Printing: Safe-Guard Your Memories with this Unique Material

Acrylic printing services have been introduced in the market as a strong competitor to other photo printing options. Since its introduction, this material has enjoyed optimum popularity, which continues to increase as time passes by.

If you are someone who loves to capture memories or is a photographer by profession/hobby, acrylic printing services by Easy Signs Inc. is just what you need.

But why is this material so special?

What makes it just the right option for your pictures to be printed upon?

Here are some reasons for acrylic printing to be your go-to printing partner.


When selecting a material for your photo printing needs, you would surely look for an option that isn’t too heavy to be hung or carry around. With acrylic printing services, you get access to a material that is 50 percent the weight of real glass. So, acrylic prints are easier to transport and hang.

2-Resistant to Breakage:

Given the tough material composition of acrylic, you get access to a material that is way more resistant to breakage as compared to glass. Plus, it is resistant to vibration and impact.

Another great thing about opting for acrylic printing services for your pictures is the fact that its surface is highly scratch-resistant. In case it suffers any damage, there is a special type of paste available for use that can easily improve the appearance of the print.

Acrylic is also shatter-resistant, which makes it perfect for easy transportation.


It might sound odd to you, but not every transparency-type is equal. With acrylic printing services, you allow in a bit more light to seep into the surface as compared to the conventional glass. With acrylic’s translucency, you get access to colors that are reproduced paired with extreme brilliance.

Not just that, the synthetic make of this printing variant helps absorb the UV rays to ensure the quality of the picture, and the image doesn’t suffer in any way. Even when kept under the direct sunlight, its quality will remain as it is for long.


Acrylic has a lower casting temperature as opposed to the glass, which means it can easily be molded and cut into different shapes and sizes as per the printing needs. Acrylic is sturdy enough to ensure that drilling and cutting process is done with precision without any shattering issues.

5-Cheaper Option:

Given the fact that the manufacturing process for acrylic is fairly easier and cost-friendly as compared to glass, you can be assured that the prices are lower as well. With acrylic printing services, you can easily order your latest masterpieces in varying shapes and sizes without having to worry about the pricing.

6-Easy to Clean:

Another factor that makes acrylic printing services your go-to option is the fact that it can be cleaned easily without much effort. Any dust accumulation or impurities that have accumulated over your print can be thoroughly cleaned with a simple soap and water solution followed by a dry cloth wiping sequence.


Regardless of whether you need professional photo printing or simply want your memories to be a part of your home décor, acrylic printing services is the way to go. With acrylic, you can easily expect fabulous results without having to spend much. If you are in need of a vibrant, luminous, and eye-catching print, make sure you opt for acrylic printing services.

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