While acrylic printing is a wish come true for artists and photographers to display their work, the general public is still in mystery to this excellent form of printing. If you are new to this niche and searching for “acrylic printing near me” for many suggestions from friends, colleagues, and professionals, then this is the piece of article that sheds light on the total details associated with acrylic printing. Go through this completely to know the acrylic printing and the advantages related to it before searching and hiring services for “acrylic printing near me.” Let’s know the trendiest and modern acrylic printing better here.

What is Acrylic Printing?

With acrylic prints, photos will be printed directly onto optically clear and high-quality acrylic. During printing, light printing refracts through the acrylic glass, making the end result extremely high in standard and depth from start to end. The backside of acrylic printing is usually protected with a unique coating of UV curable white ink. There are two ways to produce acrylic prints, either by face mounting where photos get printed into a quality photo paper and then reverse mounted in the acrylic or by directly printing onto the acrylic. By opting for “acrylic printing near me,” users can achieve super vibrant colors with a glossiness that gives the glass of the print like the look. Due to the light refraction property of acrylic printing, acrylic printings are excellent to décor modern homes with cityscapes, travel photos, landscape shots, and more.

Canvas Printing vs. Acrylic Printing: Choose the Perfect Fit

Overall Appearance

If you are choosing between canvas printing and “acrylic printing near me,” it’s essential to give a thought to the aesthetic that you are aiming to achieve. Acrylic printing is excellent for achieving sharp and vibrant images. Due to the light refraction property, acrylic prints give us a 3D print like look effortlessly. The acrylic printing method is continuously growing with its popularity and an excellent choice for professional photographers and artists who crucially deal great value for their presentation. 

However, canvas printing is good to receive a textured finish that gives the end product an authentic old-school look. Canvas printing is a very popular choice for property owners searching for high-quality interior design and home décor. They are extremely affordable and easy to get printed also. Compared to this, “acrylic printing near me” can be opted for a more commercial environment, especially for galleries, office spaces, and reception areas.

The Creation Process

During acrylic photo printing, the process will involve printing onto photographic paper and later keeping that paper in between two sheets of acrylic. The backside acrylic sheet can be white, black, or transparent, depending on the image and the style that best suits it. Then aluminum standoffs are used to mount the acrylic frame to the wall. This ensures a great visual depth for images.

Compared to this, the process of canvas print involves printing the image directly onto a sheet of canvas and then wrapped or stretched around a frame. The image can be wrapped around the stretchers or using a colored or white border. Canvas wraps can be made to custom and bespoke sizes, which means the end result will be a complete, true individual print. UV lamination is used on canvas prints before they get wrapped on the wooden frame.

Vibrancy of Color

When it comes to the vibrancy of the print color, acrylic prints undoubtedly have the edge. The face mount option of the acrylic print will offer the users the full advantage of acrylic’s reflective quality. As no light will pass through acrylic prints, you will receive rich, deep colors for the end product with the best vibrancy.

With canvas printing, more colors need to be added to ensure the best ink coverage and color vibrancy. But, there are chances you will lose image detailing while adding extra color to your canvas prints. If you really want great color vibrancy for your prints, then no doubt, an “acrylic printing near me” could be your right choice.

Price Matters

Cost really matters when choosing the right printing method for your requirements. For professionals and commercial needs, acrylic is undoubtedly the worth option to spend some extra money as the end products are more durable and vibrant when compared to canvas printing. Whereas, canvas printing can be bought with less competitive price and could be a great choice to create a bespoke choice. There is no doubt acrylic photo printing is the hottest trend in the current time, making it a great printing option for both professionals as well as amateurs.

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