SignPrintingNearMe-13032020Before you go ahead and order your advertisement poster from service providers for canvas printing near me, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. One such factor is the size of the poster you are going for. In general, the standard poster size for any advertisement is 24 inches wide to 36 inches tall.

These posters are used for things such as wall decoration, product advertising, news announcements, event promotion, and so on. Although this sizing option is opted by most business owners, it isn’t the only available size for posters.

When you order from a reliable service provider for sign printing near me, you will get four common sizing options.

In this blog, we have listed out these four common poster sizes for a standard advertisement.

Four Standard Ad Poster Sizes

1-Large (24” X 36”):

This is a standard ad poster size, which is also termed as the Architectural D, Super A1, or Large poster. Given the fact that it is a standard size, it comes with a wide range of applications. Consumers, as well as business owners, use this particular poster size for many different uses for sign printing near me.

The large size posters are used by business owners for:

  • Product advertisement
  • Menu
  • Office decor
  • Sales promotions
  • Announcements
  • Closed/Open notices

These posters are generally used in retail stores, offices, or outdoor applications. In the case of consumers, these posters are generally for things such as:

  • Favorite movies
  • Video game posters
  • Movie characters
  • Photographs
  • Celebrities

And more!

Whenever you opt for canvas printing near me, you need to provide a specifically large & centralized message that is packed with some add-on details. This will provide the onlookers with specific information needed to be conveyed.

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2-Medium Size (18” x 24”):

The medium-sized poster also termed as an Architectural C poster; this isn’t your standard poster. Even though it isn’t as large as the previously defined poster, it is still popular among the business owners as well as consumers. The medium size poster is large enough and ensures effectiveness through a range of applications with canvas printing near me.

A common use for this poster size is for the display of promotional content on the storefront windows. This poster size is perfect for the promotion of instances such as:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Sporting event
  • Product menu
  • Services

If one creates a poster of this size, they have room to add a hint of information while maintaining certain legibility. However, keep in mind that the text printed over the poster needs to be a minimum of ½ inches in height. This allows your audience to read your messages easily with the services for sign printing near me.

3-Small Size (11” X 17”):

The common syllables for the small size services for sign printing near me include names such as Ledger, Small, ANSI B., Tabloid, and more. This size is a bit larger than the smallest size available in the market, which is the classic Letter Size. This sizing option for ad poster falls under the ledger, which makes it particularly popular for being used as flyers by the street lights. It can easily be affixed in limited spaces while ensuring visibility from a far off distance.

As a business owner or consumer, this particular poster size is perfect for:

  • Product advertisement
  • Safety notices
  • Office/School circulars
  • Infographics

When opting for the small size advertisement with canvas printing near me, it is recommended that you opt for a minimalistic yet vibrant design that is paired with a simple message written in bold letters.

4-Letter Size (8.5” X 11”):

The letter size is the smaller available poster size in the market. This poster size is the same as the printer paper, which is the A4 size. If you are looking for canvas printing near me, this size is frequently used for handouts or bulletin boards for homes, schools, as well as offices.

You can use this size for purposes such as:

  • Communication of information
  • Announcements
  • Company policies
  • Provisioning schedules

And so on!

If you are opting for this size for sign printing near me, make sure that the design elements as well as text used by you isn’t too small and disables proper reading or visibility. Speaking generally, it is better if you opt for a simplistic message with concise and clear language.

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Other Poster Sizes You Can Try

The best and widely known poster size apart from the ones listed above is the one for the advertisement of upcoming movies. This particular poster variant for canvas printing near me is iconic in the sense that it lists out the upcoming blockbusters in the market for the audiences.

So, what size are these posters?

In general, the size of the movie posters is about 27” X 40”. If you have seen it personally, these posters are slightly taller and wider as opposed to your standard sized posters. This particular size is used to list out movie posters in theatres as well as online sales.

Another commonly available poster size is the 40” x 60” advertisement. It is generally referred by the name “Bus Stop Size.” This particular movie poster size for sign printing near me is used for advertisement of movies in the outdoor environments like:

  • Bus stops
  • Building exteriors
  • Fences

These 5 feet tall posters are designed for demanding attention & can hardly be missed by passersby.

  • Retail Poster Sizes:

Another well-known use for the commonly available posters is to use the same from local retail stores or online stores & use the same for decorative purposes at home or office. At a retail outlet, the sizes for posters tend to vary dramatically. However, the commonly available sizes for sign printing near me are 22” X 34” and 24” X 36”.

These posters generally include images printed from the pop culture like:

  • Celebrities
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Video Games

These posters are created from thin paperweights as opposed to traditional posters.

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  • Custom Poster Sizes:

Just because some sizes have been ruled in as standard for the poster printing services, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other sizes available in the market. With the help of the Easy Signs Inc. services, you can create posters of varying sizes. This provides you ample freedom for creating posters in landscape or portrait form that is very large or very small.


Regardless of the size you use for your printing needs, the message needs to be concise and brightly lit. It should be visible from a far off distance and should convey the message properly. Posters have been a part of the advertising strategies for quite some time. However, merely printing over a poster won’t get you the audience you need. The designs, colors, text, as well as size matters as well. So keep this in mind the next time you opt for services related to sign printing near me.

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