Poster printing is an art without a doubt but to choose the right printer to get your poster is more of a science. If you make little mistake while choosing the company providing the services of poster printing then you might not be able to get your desired results out of it. Therefore, to hire someone who could successfully create posters that would depict the understanding of the science of printing as well a sense of creativity is highly important. You need to have enough knowledge so you could easily judge the results produced by the printers just by looking at the sample. You need to watch out for below mentioned bad signs so you could avoid going for a wrong choice of printer for your poster printing.
  • Make sure that you have taken a closer look at the colors of the sample posters. See if they are intense or faded and if they are, then it most probably means that, the machine is not calibrated professionally for highly quality and accurate printing. However, if you still go for such printers then you will not be able to get the same results as you saw in the screen. Thus, you better take it as a bad sign and go for another printer.
  • Closely check the sample and see if there is any distorted image as such, results indicate the bad scaling. Few poster printing companies try to scale poster designs to match the dimensions of their printing and as a result of this, image within the design start looking distorted. Therefore, you should avoid going for this kind of printer.
  • Misaligned elements and white spaces at the edge of any design is the sign of inaccurate printing. Professional printing companies use best precision printing tools for poster printing. Such companies also know to compensate for the printing bleeds so the poster would look seamlessly. Therefore, if you spot any misalignment or inaccuracy, it is better to switch to a better printer.
  • Blots and spills in the ink tend to give a rough look to the poster. Little spills depicts that the laser, jet or actual metal mold of the printer is not accurate, thus would not be able to provide desired results.
  • If you look closely at the edges of the image then you might spot bad cutting and if there isn’t smooth cut then your poster would most probably give out negative impression. Highly reputable companies ensure that the posters have their edges cut smoothly and precisely. It should be perfectly cut from the edges without any misalignments. However, if you could not get smooth edges then you might go for another printer.
  • Make sure that you poster is not printed on the thin paper. It is considered the bad sign of poster printing. High quality color posters are always made up of thick paper material and tend to last for a longer period.