Photo Print on Plexiglass

Advantages of Getting Photo Mounted on Acrylic

Not long ago, simple picture frames were very popular among people. Whenever somebody wanted to frame a picture, they would purchase wooden, ceramic, glass or aluminum frames but since a couple of years, this scenario has pretty much changed. Now, people fancy acrylic frames; getting photo mounted on acrylic blocks has become quite a norm nowadays. Photo mounted on acrylic looks very stylish and has many advantages too.

There are several advantages of getting photo mounted on an acrylic block over simple and conventional glass, ceramic and wooden frames.

  1. Acrylic frames are recyclable: Acrylic glass is actually a thermoplastic and as it is a plastic, it can be recycled. Acrylic glass is also known as plexiglass. It is an extremely famous engineering plastic because of its strength and breakage-resistant properties. Acrylic glass is fully recyclable but it requires a lot of effort to do that. As acrylic is recyclable, it poses less harm to the environment so if you have a photo mounted on acrylic frame, you do not have to worry about hurting the environment.


  1. Huge Range of Acrylic Frames: Acrylic framing is extremely diverse and you will not be disappointed at all by what it has to offer. Acrylic frames aren’t limited to just one or two styles. In fact, there is an immensely vast assortment of acrylic frames ranging in styles, colors, shapes, sizes and polishes. You can get a photo mounted on an acrylic frame of any color you like. Acrylic blocks come in various colors like blue, yellow, pink but if you want to customize it into a unique color, you can get an acrylic block laminated in that color. Photographs on acrylic blocks of different, exciting shapes look really nice. Acrylic frames are not only available in standard shapes like triangle, square, and rectangle but can also be tailored into other different shapes. For instance, you can get a heart or a dolphin shaped acrylic frame too and get a nice photo mounted on it. Another advantage of acrylic frames is that they come in different finishes and polishes too. If you want your photo mounted on an acrylic frame to look fine and sophisticated, you can get your acrylic frame in laser cut finishing; it looks very trendy and neat too.


  1. Easy Maintenance of Acrylic Frames: One of the best things about acrylic frames is that they are extremely easy to maintain and clean. You will not need to scrub an acrylic frame all day long for it to shine and look pretty. Instead, you just have to dab a piece of cloth in water and rub it gently on your acrylic frame and within seconds, it will gleam beautifully. Wooden frames aren’t that easy to clean; wood becomes darker with time so to keep it tidy you have to polish and clean it with different polishes or varnishes. However, this isn’t the case with acrylic frames. They are super simple to clean and will not require you to spend hours on scrubbing them. Acrylic frames are perfect for people who work most hours of the day and have a very hectic schedule.


  1. Acrylic Frames are Shatter-resistant: Another great feature of acrylic frames is that they oppose breakage. Although acrylic glass looks almost like glass but it is a plastic so it is very tough and pretty hard to break. When you get a photo mounted on acrylic block, you do not need to be concerned about its breakage. Normally acrylic frames do not even get a crack even when they are fallen from a height. If you have a house full of naughty kids who love playing inside the house, throwing things and being nasty to your pretty ornaments then you should replace all glass frames with acrylic ones because acrylic frames won’t only look glossy and dainty but won’t also succumb to your boisterous children’s naughtiness.


  1. Acrylic Frames are Lightweight: Acrylic blocks are not weighty unlike glass frames. Because of this feature, acrylic frames are very easy to move around.

Now you know that acrylic frames are laden with great features and benefits. Photo mounted on acrylic frame looks stylish but is also very lightweight, easy to clean, portable and even recyclable.