The best alternative to canvas and poster prints today is Acrylic Art prints. It is a modern and contemporary option available to people so they could make use of new method of framing their picture that would be according to their modern home interior design scheme. It also plays a major role in enhancing the pictures by giving them a superior and glass like appearance. The photos on acrylic printing usually have transparent borders that have beautiful brushed aluminum fixing studs that attaches the print to the wall. When you view your photos on acrylic printing, you would be able to have an eye popping experience. Therefore, to your family photos on acrylic printing would help you to make your memories stay with you forever into a modern frameless photo mounting as it brings life to photos and gives them a professional and elegant look. Acrylic Arts usually have transparent acrylic border of 35mm around the photo that helps shadow to cast behind the photo, thus enhancing its floating effect. With the assistance of lighting, a contrasting drop shadow effect is created. Metal studs on the other hand, are popular with simple looking and silver anodized finishing. Your photo would be pre drill with 10mm holes from each corner if you opt for metal-off studs. The Acrylic wall photo prints are usually mounted with photographic print between two sheets having 5mm acrylic. Four corner posts are also provided so you hang it on the wall of your home wherever you want to enhance the outlook of the elegance and beauty of your room. The popularity of the photos on acrylic printing is increasing dramatically. The usage of displaying artwork and photos with the help of acrylic printing in home, office or gallery has become a latest trend. Moreover, the providers of this respective printing ensure that they work closely to their customers so they could get the best from the digital photographs and make their memories stay with them in a pleasant manner. The photos on acrylic printing ensure that every detail is perfect and each corner of the picture is properly drilled so you could easily hang it weight high-end standoff installation kit. Thus, Acrylic mounted photo prints could help you bring completely new level of sophistication and elegance to your wall décor. When you would place the acrylic mounted photos in your house, you would be able to get tons of compliments from your friends and relatives whenever they lay eyes on your photos. Therefore, if you are looking for extra level of sophistication in your photos and absolutely want to create a real wow factor then acrylic prints is exactly what you should go for. It is the most luxurious way to display your pictures and turns your home into a gallery by making use of high quality and modern looking acrylic printing. Thus, print your photo on clear acrylic of your own choice and transform it into a perfect custom and personalized gift.