Photographs are a lovely way of capturing and preserving beautiful moments in life. You look at a photograph and it revives all your old memories attached to that specific moment caught in the photograph. This is the beauty of a photograph and this beauty can be further enhanced by getting a photo mounted on acrylic. Photo mounted on acrylic looks really elegant and is in fashion nowadays too. What is Acrylic? Acrylic or acrylic glass is a poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) which is a clear thermoplastic; it looks like glass but in actual it is plastic. Acrylic is not heavy like glass; it is quite lightweight and is also shatter-resistant. Acrylic glass is also known as plexiglass; it was created in 1928 and entered the commercial market during 1933. Rohm and Haas Company brought acrylic into the market under the name of plexiglass. Since then acrylic has been sold under various names like “Perxpex” and “Lucite.” Acrylic glass is preferred over simple glass and plastic because it is easy to handle and is quite resilient to breakage. In addition, acrylic glass is less expensive as compared to glass. Because of these qualities, people have started using acrylic glass instead of simple glass and also get photos mounted on it. A photo mounted on acrylic gives the same sophisticated look as the one mounted on simple glass. Acrylic Framing is in Rave nowadays Acrylic framing has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. Photo mounted on acrylic looks pleasant to the eye and is very easy to handle as well. You do not have to fuss over taking special care of an acrylic frame because even if it falls, it will not break easily. Photo mounted on acrylic serve as gorgeous decoration pieces and give a completely new look to your room. When you put up an acrylic frame on a wall, the wall instantly looks pleasing to the eye. So if you are planning to change the look of your old, boring and dull bedroom then add a few gorgeous photos in acrylic framing to it and transform your dreary room into a stunning one. Acrylic frames come in a lot of diverse styles and sizes. Often people have a misconception about acrylic frames that all of them look the same but in reality, you can easily customize an acrylic frame. You can get acrylic blocks of numerous shapes, colors and sizes too; acrylic blocks also come in lots of different widths too. If you want your photo mounted on acrylic to look delicate and dainty then you can get an acrylic frame of a 2 millimeter width; this would not give a very heavy look and will look really pretty too. However, if you prefer more solid frames then you could choose a plexiglass block of a width more than 3 millimeters. Also thick acrylic blocks give a more three dimensional (3D) feel to your photograph. Different Ways of Getting Photo Mounted on Acrylic Block There are many ways of mounting photographs on acrylic glass. You can get photo mounted on an acrylic block and get it laminated to protect the photo from being ruined. This looks really nice too and makes a simple yet striking adornment for your room. However, if you want to make your photo mounted on acrylic, you can get it mounted between two slabs of acrylic glass instead of one. You can get this sandwiched photo on acrylic blocks mounted on a stand or leave it free standing. Either way, it will look brilliant. Acrylic frames are available in various cuts and different finishes and polishes. If you like your photo mounted on acrylic to look chic and trendy, you can get the acrylic frame in fine laser cut finishing. This will make your frame appear very classy and trendy at the same time. Normally, people do not add extra bracket or frame to an acrylic block but if you like, you can get it framed it in an aluminum frame. Aluminum brackets are in rave nowadays and will certainly make your photo mounted on acrylic block looks prettier. The market is jam-packed with several companies that provide nice and durable acrylic frames. Click here to learn more