With the increase in marketing and advertising, the use of unconventional tools of promotion is on the rise to break the clutter associated with the business world. Perforated Vinyl window films are one such tool that was unthought-of by marketers for years. Today it plays a major role in attracting foot-traffic on shopping streets and is also used to decorate car windows. What are Perforated Vinyl Windows Films? How often have you seen a beautiful poster plastered to the window of a retail shop, only to realize a minute later it was as transparent as the glass itself? What you have come across is a very unconventional means of marketing that is now adopted by hundreds of retail outlets all across the world. Perforated Vinyl films are sheets of plastic (to put it very crudely!) that have small holes in them. On this sheet, a graphic designer designs beautifully colored images and sceneries, depending on the demands of the client. Perforated films are adhesive on one side and are stuck on windows from the inside so that passersby see the image on it while walking on the streets. Images on perforated films are printed in high quality ink using inkjet printers that can produce hundreds of copies within a matter of few minutes. The innovative feature of these films is that they offer 100% visibility from one side that is the inside of the store, while only showing the graphics to the person viewing it from outside. Therefore, it provides clear one-way visibility together with being an effective marketing tool. For car enthusiasts, perforated vinyl films are a great way to decorate their car windows and rare glasses with their favorite F1 racing cars or promote a local family business. Features and Specifications of Perforated Window Films Films used to create this marketing tool are made out of high quality vinyl. Availability of material, cutting edge technology and printing capabilities are important resources needed to make customized vinyl films that are in high demand by companies and retail outlets alike. Easy Sign, a company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that specializes in designing and printing signs, offers services for designing and installing perforated window films of top class quality. The films produced by Easy Sign have a ‘50/50’ perforation pattern and each hole is 1.5mm wide. This means that the vinyl films are so precise that 50% of the area is retained while 50% is removed to make the holes. Such precision and intricacy makes the film ideal for printing any kind of graphics on it and also maintains clear visibility from one side. The company offers vinyl window films for both, indoor and outdoor use with recommendations of lamination if the film is to have considerable exposure to UV rays and moisture. Why use perforated vinyl window films? Using perforated films has many advantages, the most prominent one being its use as a promotional tool. Low cost, yet attractive and tech savvy, it is a perfect way to increase visibility of one’s brand on windows of shops, buses and stalls. Apart from this, perforated vinyl films are used to increase privacy and security. When people cannot see inside a store while passing by, it creates a feeling of security for everyone who is inside. Imagine every passerby peaking in at you from the salon’s wide window while you try to relax those knotted muscles! Perforated films also reduced sunlight glare and create a very warm and conducive environment for people to look around in your shop. They are durable because vinyl, a heavy plastic, is extremely resistant to wear and tear and with lamination; it becomes UV protected too. A few points to remember about Perforated Vinyl Windows! The average life of perforated films is 1+ year. This duration is a measure of how long the film can retain bright colors and keep the graphics clear together with having one sided transparency. However, there have been testimonials that say their perforated films lasted for more than three years. Moreover, it should always be remembered that perforate vinyl films are opaque on their darker side. Therefore, they become see through to people on the outside at night.