Lamination is almost needed everywhere these days and in fact it gives a very classy and neat look to everything that is laminated and to consider, well laminated. Even if it includes wooden floors, documents, files or walls – many types of laminations are available with different dimensions and varieties. Matt or shiny laminations are the most common and popular kinds of laminations that are available in the market these days. Matt finish lamination gives a non-reflective, granular finish. Matt finish makes the image colours more vivid. It is often used for an artistic and flamboyant look. On the other hand, shiny lamination gives a glossy appearance to the surfaces. It actually adds to the brightness of the colours and gives a smooth look to the overall appearance of the surface.

Why is lamination so important in the first place?

It is a commonly known fact that lamination prevents surface colours and paints from chipping and dulling. Lamination keeps them bright and so they last longer. Despite the preventative usage of lamination, it also gives an artistic and neat polish to the surfaces. For instance, wooden floors are also laminated to give it a gloss and shine, which makes it more beautiful and appealing. Mostly, the pictures and paintings, which are laminated, are laminated because the colours come alive and look brighter than other wise.

Things you should know about laminations:

Before you choose, laminations set your plans and priorities first. Look what you want and why, because every surface or every product requires its own kind and thickness of lamination. Yes, you conceived that right! Thickness of lamination that you are using is very important. Laminations come with varying thickness and every kind has its own merits or de-merits. However, it is you, who should be clear and careful while choosing the correct kind and quality of lamination. The most important factor to be remembered is that lamination costs you according to the size of the film used, so when the object to be laminated is small, then choose the right dimensions to prevent the wastage of lamination sheet. Moreover, to choose matt or shiny lamination, inspect the surface to be laminated, very carefully because some types go with matt while others look better with shiny finish. So think and then act!

How to differentiate between right lamination and the wrong one:

Have you ever experienced companies talking you into fake deals to buy lower quality lamination film? Then you should know how to differentiate between the genuine sheet and the low quality lamination sheet! When the appearance of the surface, after lamination, starts looking cloudy, that is the exact time to realize that the surface lamination is not right and all your money has gone down the drain! Another major feature is the adhesive quality of the laminating film. If it does not stick properly then definitely you need to contact Easy Signs Inc. for the services, you require and desire!

Basic types of laminating films, you should know about! 

  • The best quality is the 5mil and 10mil laminating films, which are thickest and hence provide you long lasting protection and stiffness that you desire. It will help you prevent your valuable pictures and old photographs which are adding life to your walls
  • The 3mil laminating films are the most commonly used ones. They are a good general approach when it comes to laminating surfaces. It too, has a good quality and which prevents it from curling of scraping off the surfaces. It is generally affordable and costs less than the 5 and 10 mil films.
  • The third type of laminating films is the 1.5mil ones. They have generally a lower quality and cannot prevent surfaces for very long. They can curl or wrinkle with the passage of time. Although they do not cost a lot, however, they are not very favourable to use for valuable and old photographs or even expensive surfaces. This type of lamination also requires a very high laminating temperature as it has a lower thermal mass.
Laminations are generally a good idea for surfaces. Matt or shiny laminations add a good additional quality of the surfaces and it protects pictures, floors and paintings in a much concealed manner and cost efficiently. Contact Easy Signs Inc. and see the differences and quality.