A magnetic vehicle sign is among today’s most common promotional tools. As a matter of fact, it is no longer a surprise to drive by a car in the traffic that has a magnetic vinyl board with a business tagline and some contact info written on it. The Marketing Benefits of Magnetic Vehicle Signs 1. Car signs are easy on the pocket. The standard cost of magnetic car door sign is somewhere around $70 a piece. Most of the times vinyl boards are used for these signs. Even when you get one sign for each front seat car door, you will be spending so much less than what goes out of your pocket for a local newspaper ad or for a radio commercial. 2. A smart car sign delivers your message right then and there. A 12”x12” magnetic vehicle sign (costs somewhere around $35) is enough able to hold your business name, tagline and contact details. When designed with great contrasting colors you can be sure to have the word about your business delivered to every person who sees your car. To get more out of your car sign be sure to include an easily scanned QR code. 3. You do not have to pay for advertising space. Advertising space can cost so much especially for those who are yet starting a business. Also, an ad space often times fall to be “hit-or-miss advertising.” There is a bigger chance that your investment on a magnetic car sign will come with profitable returns as you take your advertisement wherever you go and wherever you prefer without fees and hassle. 4. Decently-priced car signs are known to last long. Car signs are known to last months or even years. Those with a laminated plastic finish are known to be resistant to weather conditions, ink-stripping and fading. With this, we can say that a magnetic vehicle sign is a promising way to get the most of one’s investment on a marketing tool. 5. The magnetic board can easily be attached or detached. Car signs mount well to smooth sides of a vehicle such as a car door. Thus, you will have no problem with it getting removed when it shouldn’t. Also in times when you have to take the sign down, perhaps when using your car to get to a formal function or a church service, the sign can easily be removed and stored away. All the while you would not have to worry about paint job or even the slightest of scratches. If you are looking for an effective, long-enduring, modern marketing tool that offers you the best for less, then a magnetic vehicle sign must be the one you should be after.