Cheap-Banner-Stands-07022020In this immersive digital age, where technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality propel themselves as significant marketing platforms, the presence of traditional methods continues to prevail.

Items like cheap banner stands, paper leaflets, massive billboards, and several others continue to exist and are counted among the major advertising channels.

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In this blog, today, we discuss the crucial elements of banner design and how one can leverage the banners for the best ROI (Return on Investment).

The ABCs of Banner Design

The world of banner designing is, at the least, exciting. The play of colors and strategic placements represent a perfect blend of art and design.

Here is how one can get the best designs on the same.

  1. Consider the Location Even Before You Start Designing

Before you even start designing the banner, the very natural thing to keep in mind is to keep a tab on the location.  A few things to ask yourself are:

  • Is the banner for the conferences or for outdoor advertisements?
  • What colors should I use for better visibility?
  • Should I use more text than pictures or vice versa?

These questions make you prepare for the worst-case scenarios and hence should be considered while designing the banners.

Tip: If you are using a banner in a conference, then place the text on top of the banner. No visitor wants to stop and read your text.

  1. Take a Special Note on the Call to Action

More than 80% of the banners used in exhibitions or conferences do not have a call to action. This harms the chances of having a conversion and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

However, the most critical aspect of this is a perfect blend of the call to action and a unique selling point (USP). Exemplarily, instead of writing the “leading supplier”, one can write, “join the leading supplier” to stress on the action. 

These subtle changes last long and hence could be helpful in the long run.

  1. Give Special Importance to Contact Details

The primary action of the banner is to get more eyeballs. However, what’s next? Should you redirect them to your website or should you distribute the flyers or visiting card for your contact details.

Different companies have different strategies, and hence one should consider the ins and outs for better growth rates.

  1. Should I add Social Media Addresses?

As a company or as an individual, digital presence has become mandatory. Adding your Facebook page address or your Twitter handle is something you cannot afford to miss.

No matter how big your brand is. Add social media addresses to get the best results.

Tip: To make things more exciting and truly fun, ask your visitors to click “selfies” with something funny and upload on the company’s webpage. This will make the entire event fun while promoting your brand’s name.

  1. Keep It Simple (And Short)

One of the most common facts about marketing is, the simpler you keep it, the better it is easy to remember. The same applies to the banners as well.

The key here is to keep the message clear, concise, and relatable. As per the estimates, more than 30% of the banners contain too much of the text.

However, the most crucial factor to understand here is that the function of the banners and the cheap banner stands excel in the art. The rest of the presentation is to be carried by the presenters.

Tip: Use bullet points and keywords to convey the idea. The rest should be carried out by human presenters.

  1. And let the pictures do the talking

Let’s say that you are a travel agent. The best way to convey the same is to use high-resolution graphics of some of the exotic locations. The same matters for other businesses and individuals as well.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. And yes, they are right. Use relevant images to draw attention in the long run.

Tip: Always use vector images as they can be zoomed in without losing the quality of the picture.

Tip 2: Make sure you have enough space in the entire picture as well. Loading with high-quality images throughout the banner can back-fire and hence should be used accordingly.

  1. Do Not Play With Colors

While a lot many novices use attractive colors to mark a significant difference; however, it is a strict no in the world of banner designs.

Most companies prefer monotone and contrasting colors to draw attention. The primary colors used in the process are black, white, and grey. These backgrounds help the text, and the images dominate the space and, thus, provide better branding opportunities.

  1. The Text at the Top

Here is the truth – No one is going to stop and have a look at your banner. Most likely, it is about to be removed. However, that should not stop making efforts. The following guide is designed for the same to get the best possible attention.

Jumping back to the topic, use only relevant text in the entire set up. Place the most significant text on the header for maximum visibility. This is a massive plus on behalf of the entire design.

This region could contain anything – your company logo or a jingle you want your audience to remember or a hashtag that works in favor of the company.

The options are limitless and hence could not be ignored at all costs. The bullet points and the social media icons can be placed down in the entire banner.

Getting the Most Out of Your Banners

Banners come with a purpose. They represent your brand and give an aesthetic sense to the entire business. Here is how one leverages the most out of the banners.

  • Lobby Decoration – The very first element that draws attention in an office in the lobby. This can make or break your impressions and hence should be designed accordingly.

However, having a cheap banner stands in the lobby can improve the odds and provide a visual aspect of your company through graphics. Hence, make sure to have a design in the lobby for better impressions.

  • Sponsorship Events –The cost of a banner lies in a fraction in comparison to what most companies spend on advertisements. However, a well-designed banner can generate substantial traffic and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

Place the banner in a trade show or a sponsored event to get the best deals. Despite being an age-old tactic, the method is still widely popular around the globe and hence should be given the prime importance.

Departing Remarks

Despite technological advancements, banners still play a crucial role in the growth of businesses. The field is adorned with technological advancements and hence is expected to proliferate in the next couple of years. The cheap banner stands bring a new sense of joy among the critics of the company and thus is loved by all.

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