To laminate means to overlay (a flat surface like a paper) with a layer of plastic or some other protective material to prevent your important documents from damaging due to water or other material that is likely to distort it. Hot Laminating film is available in a variety of finishes:
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  • Satin – Provides a reduced level of glare, and has a soft sheen.
  • Gloss – Best for bright colors. Adds definition, radiance
  • Matte – This is a non-reflective, slightly granular finish. It tends to make image colors more vivid.
  • Lustre – This finish also reduces glare, It has a sparkling sheen.

Why laminate your material?

Laminating your material can give you multiple benefits. Firstly, it enhances the appearance of your paper. It gives material a very good quality look while enhancing, deepening and brightening the colors, Laminating enhances the contrast that make your paper more effective and also gives the provision of clearing off any dirt, blemishes, smudges or grease that settles on the material, There are many options available in laminations like gloss, matte  and silk finishes. Lamination gives your work a professional and finished quality look. Materials that are laminated simply look aesthetically appealing. Secondly, laminating is cost effective. It can improve your sales largely and yet be inexpensive and can save you money in many ways like being able to be reused over and over again and by protecting inexpensive or expensive and low or higher quality graphics by providing a transparent cover. Lamination also stiffens signs and posters hence curbing all the needs of inserting additional backing to the material. It provides a durable way to protect and enhance almost all types of materials. Lastly laminating guarantees to preserve and protect your material spills, rains, grease, chemicals, smudges, fingerprints, abrasion, sun, crease, and wrinkles tearing off. It provides low cost low term protection without the need for climate control or other special and protective measures. If you need any additional size shape or Color,  feel free to either call or email us.      
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