Canvas printing or canvas art is a technique used for photo printing on a canvas using the dye sublimation process. Canvas printing is done using a heavy base canvas fabric and stretching it out on a frame. The images on the canvas are made using dye sublimation technique or the modern method employing inkjet printers. The images or designs are transferred directly to the fabric. Canvas printing is a contemporary form of art that combines elegance and creativity. It is a great way to decorate your home or office and to make it look more stylish. Art has evolved over the years and a number of different forms of art have emerged. Art has always fascinated human beings in the form of music, paintings and poetry. Appreciation of art represents taste and class in an individual. It is an indication of developed aesthetic sense and a keen observation on the part of the viewer as well as the artist. Canvas printing is considered a modern form of art and it is becoming immensely popular with the passage of time. It has been widely appreciated as being elegant and contemporary. It adds a touch of sophistication to the place where it is displayed. We always look for things that beautify our living quarters or work place. Not everyone can afford a top-notch interior decorator. However, you can redecorate your home affordably without going bankrupt. You do not have to buy expensive ornaments or elaborate wall hangings. Canvas printing is an affordable yet fun way to brighten up a place. A canvas print of you and your family displayed on your living room wall would not only look beautiful but also add a very snug feel to the whole atmosphere. Canvas prints make great gifts as well. If you want to give a more personalized gift, but you are low on budget, then pick up a memorable photo and order a canvas print. They can be ordered online at affordable rates and with customized themes. Companies sometimes use canvas prints for their advertising campaigns. They are not frequently used as they are not as cost effective as other ways of advertising. They are often used to brighten up the interior and advertise at the same time. Modern artists convert the classic paintings and make their canvas prints. They are exact replicas of the original and are immensely popular among the people. If you are thinking of doing something different and unique to decorate your home, canvas printing might be a good idea. You do not have to go too far or spend a lot of money. Canvas prints are affordable and easily available online. They can be customized according to the specifications given by the customer and a number of effects can be added to the images in order to spice them up a little bit. Canvas prints are not just a new form of art but also an affordable way to brighten up your home and workplace.