The market is so jam-packed with myriads of banner stands that it becomes really difficult for you to choose the right banner stand for your trade show or function. Banner stands should be according to your need and the kind of event you are going to host. Before you purchase a banner stand, it is important to know some essential things. What Budget have you set aside for Banner Stands? When you visit the market and see numerous kinds of banner stands, you will get very confused and will not know what stand you should go for. Often you tend to buy an expensive banner stand without thinking about your budget. Hence, it is imperative for you to know what your budget is and how much you can afford to spend on banner stands. Plan your budget, allocate some for banner stands, and then spend accordingly. If you have a budget of $200-$300 then you cannot purchase a retractable, double sided or scrolling banner stand. Moreover, if you can afford to spend about $400 or more on a banner stand then you should consider getting a nice retractable or exchangeable cassette banner stand for your event. Moreover, if you have set aside about $500-$600 for banner stands then you can think of buying a double sided banner stand; it will allow you to put up two banners on one stand and will save you money. What Kind of Banner Stand will be Appropriate for your Event? This is another essential question that you need to ask yourself before purchasing a banner stand. There are various kinds of banner stands designed for different purposes. For instance, if you have planned an outdoor promotional event then you should probably get an outdoor banner stand instead of a standard banner stand. Outdoor banner stands are robust and can survive different weather conditions; a standard banner stand might succumb to a windy or rainy weather whereas an outdoor banner stand will stand erect in that situation and will not ruin your event. Retractable banner stands are also convenient to use during an outdoor event, as they are easily movable and not difficult to lift or carry. Retractable banner stands have a roller that allows you to easily open or close it up and place a banner on it. In addition, if in case there is a storm, you can easily take off the banner from the stand and close it. Also retractable banner stands aren’t that difficult to manage as compared to a standard, non-retractable one. If you are working for some marketing company and have a series of marketing activities planned then you should invest in a good exchangeable cassette stand or maybe a double-sided banner stand. Exchangeable cassette banner stands have an exchangeable cassette facility and you can easily replace one graphic with another. Double-sided banner stands can hold two banners on it. Both these types of banner stands will allow you to put up more than one banner on them at the same time and will save you time and money. Exchangeable banner stands are more suitable for marketing activities as compared to double-sided ones. What Type of Banner Stands will attract your Audience? It seems weird reading that a banner stand will attract your audience’s attention but yes, banner stands also play an important role in captivating your audience’s concentration. A good banner stand will allow your banner to be properly exposed and become the center of your viewers’ focus. For instance, a double banner stand has a stronger base and space to hold up two banners; and when your spectators can view two banners at the same time they become more interested in your product and will be more engrossed in it. Scrolling banner stands are also very useful in getting your audience’s interest towards your seminar or the product/ service being advertised on the banner. This is because a scrolling banner constantly rotates images on it and this motion will keep your audience entertained in your work. So whenever you plan to buy banner stands, do keep your audience in mind and buy a stand accordingly. Click here to learn more