The world is drooling over the diverse concepts of digital marketing as we enter into a new era of marketing. From Facebook advertisements to Google’s search engine marketing, the number of options is growing exponentially as more people spending more time online. However, despite the focus on digital, the traditional concepts of marketing are not dead yet. Cheap banner stands are one such bright example, and in this blog, we will try to address everything about banner stands as much as possible.

Why Employ Banners Stands?

Despite being a relatively old concept, the banner stands have maintained their legacy. A design rich in colors that showcases vibrant display of colors can attract the attention of people.

On the other hand, these cheap banner stands can be placed wherever the traffic is high. This ensures maximum visibility of the brand at relatively low prices. However, not all banner stands are the same. The stands could be segmented into three major categories, namely,

  • Traditional Banner Stands– A conventional banner stand consists of two mounting sections- one at the top and one at the end, connected by a tension bar. Generally, the top and the end mounting parts hold the banners while the tension bar keeps the entire structure upright.
  • Roll-up Banner Stands – The roll up banner stands consist of a spring-loaded canister that runs the length of the display a top section while the tension rod connects both the two pieces. Potential issues with the device include:
  1. Ensure that you have the right material for the graphic as it relies heavily on the retraction into the canister correctly. Most thick or dense materials often show issues when it is rolled back.
  2. The banner stands are more prone to mechanical damage because of the spring-loaded canister. Hence, choose banner stands of high quality only.

On a side note, the roll-ups generally cost more than the other banners stands do.

  • X Banner Stand – The X Banner stands are the most used stands that can change the shape and size of the display. On the other hand, these stands categorize themselves into cheap banner stands and are quite flexible in design.

Crucial Aspects of Positioning Your Banners

Finding the perfect banner stand is only the initial step. A lot depends on the placement and the creative use of banner ads, as well as.

Here is a complete list of the placement of banners stand.

  1. Placing the stand at the right place

The sole purpose of building a banner is to attract more eyeballs. The first and the foremost thing in the following step is to know the objective. Place your banners in the high traffic areas. Here are some of the tips for the same.

  • Use the reception area proactively by placing your banners stand in the section. This will grab the attention of a lot many visitors, and the chances of conversion increase exponentially.
  • Place the banner over a table in an exhibition. It will ensure that your message reaches loud and clear to the audience.
  • Getting lost in the vast array of stalls and banners is easy. Make sure to place your banners effectively so that the maximum reach is achieved.

      2. Craft the banners keeping the visuals in mind

You and your brand might have to speak a lot many things, but printing the same is not the ideal choice. The more subtle the message is, the better it is. Subtle notes ignite the curious minds and hence draw attention to your business. On the other hand, a “wordy” banner does not appeal to the audience. Try using some fancy designs that would attract more consumers.

Ideal positioning of the brand logo, use of text including other essentials like text color, size, and format matter too.

  1. Keep your audience in mind

In the west, most people are accustomed to reading from left to write, while in the Middle East and China, the texts have a different orientation as well. Have a clear picture in mind of your target audience and design your banners accordingly.

Getting the cheap banner stands is not the only aim. One should always keep these minor differences in mind to reach as many audiences as possible.

  1. The quality of pictures matter too

An essential part of the banners is the visuals of the banners. High-quality images create a perfect ambiance and create a positive impact on the viewers.

On the other hand, the use of low-resolution pictures pixelate the images and hence creates a negative impression on the visitors’ minds. Keep in mind a few things, and you can start making high-quality banners at relatively low costs.

  1. Play with a wide range of colors

For a graphic designer, colors are his best friend. Try to experiment with a wide range of options. Select colors that have a soothing effect on the eyes while ensuring the climatic conditions do not hurt the viewers’ eyes.

  1. Involve call to action

Cheap banner stands are among one of the essential ways to attract more crowds. So how can the call to action symbols be left behind?  The uppermost section of the banner receives the greatest attention and hence makes sure to get the call to action symbols in place.

Creative ways of using your banner stands

While positioning and creating banners is crucial, the process does not end here. A simple poster would not drive traffic as much as possible; a theme-based or an exciting game can drive exponentially. Here are some of the ideas you can use:

  1. Create a selfie station

No wonder that we live in the age of selfies. On average, 93 million selfies are clicked per day, and the numbers are growing with each day. Make sure to create something more attractive and fashionable so that the audience can engage with them and provide the highest levels of reach by uploading it on social media websites.

  1. Make use of internal marketing extensively

Internal marketing is one of the most elegant forms of marketing for new entrants in the domain. In internal marketing, companies use offers and discounts aggressively to make sure that the highest volume of sales is achieved. Hence, place the cheap banner stands in multiple locations to get lure customers on the promise of discounts.

  1. Connect with social media websites

One of the most significant achievements of a selfie station is that the images clicked or the videos formed, can be shared on the social media websites. This would make several people aware of the schemes while drawing more number of footfalls on your event or your outlet.

  1. Direct your customers to your location

One of the best parts of banners is that they can be placed anywhere. Some of the biggest brands use banners to ensure that they are on the right track on their track to your location. A similar thing can be achieved using the cheap banner stands as well. Place them throughout the way and enjoy the maximum traffic to your area.

When it comes to placing cheap banner stands and using it creatively, there are a ton of things that matter. From the graphics to the positioning to the ROI (Return on Investment), several things come to play. However, with the right mindset and awareness, one can achieve the best results possible by using cheap banner stands alone.