The Versatility of Today’s Printing Services tips

In the competitive market place, it is essential to create product and name recognition. That has always been the point of advertising, but it is easier to accomplish now than ever before. Advances in digital printing equipment and processes as well as the inks and other materials used have provided an abundance of affordable advertising options. The days of static images and simple graphics are over. They have been replaced by vibrant new products from poster, sign and banner printing companies. Even for a standard presentation billboard, the use of vinyl mesh to cover the surface allows the printer to create any full color, clearly detailed image from a digital print. The surface is more secure while resistant to the elements and the eco-friendly inks are more durable. The traditional flat billboard or sign is no longer the main option for displaying your message. The versatility of the most current banner printing techniques allow you to use one image that is digitally maximized and maintained for any size reproduction on any type of surface. A company name and logo can be reproduced as a sign or used as one element in a larger display due to the option of cutting and pasting. These images can be applied to a variety of solid and mesh vinyl backgrounds, clear permanent or removable decals and wraps or virtually any substrate no more than ¼ of an inch thick. The printed sheets can be affixed to almost any surface including wood, aluminum, PVC, glass or something that is painted. Free standing frameworks, ground stake signs or wind-resistant upright signs are also available. There are truly unique methods of posting your message that are increasing in popularity. Signs can be framed for an upright spinner which shows off the product in all directions as the breeze blows. Signs can cover full, 3-dimensional displays for events like conventions, trade shows, fairs or any venue without a wall nearby. Lenticular printing provides a 3-dimensional image which changes as the viewer’s perspective changes creating a moving or animated image. There is also a wide variety of decals and vehicle wraps available. Company names and logos can be printed on solid or opaque backgrounds to be used as window clings or door magnets. Any graphic imaginable can be created by high quality printing services for purely decorative or professional applications. Vehicles can be partially covered or totally wrapped in graphics and advertising messages. Individual letters can be manufactured out of plastic, acrylic or even metal laminates. These can be mounted individually or fit into frameworks. Channel letters are 3-dimensional and lit from within by LED lights, great for store signage. With so many new options to choose from, contact some outdoor vinyl banner printing companies, make some comparisons and choose the one that can provide you with the most effective signage at a reasonable price with excellent customer service.