Various artists have used canvas for centuries as a mean to display their masterpieces. Even today, artists prefer to use canvas to display their treasured pictures and the only that has changed is the paint and ink onto the canvas printing. Before 20th century, when cotton was not in common usage, linen was mainly used in order to create canvas. The surface of the canvas is however, not perfectly smooth so whenever it is applied on each painting, the texture has an effect. Cotton canvas is considered a versatile medium and has an ability to stretch better than linen. Moreover, the structure of cotton canvas could easily last for hundreds of years. Artists still prefer to make use of it because of uneven surface. They like the feel and texture of the canvas and texture could still be re-used but ink would be applied by making use of machine rather than hands and brush. In modern times, a wide variety of quality in canvas could be found. The artists could now easily depict what they are feeling or reflect their true vision on a piece of art. Previously, the imperfect surface was thought to have a unique effect on an art but these days, latest techniques and methods have already overcome these effects. The modern technology has interfered with the realistic feature of the paintings and it is difficult to replicate them in a processed manner. Thus, an artist could always reflect his/her true vision onto canvas printing. By doing so, they would be able to make their work last for thousands of years and leave an indelible mark on history. By hanging in a famous art gallery, it would be immortalized and everyone who lays eyes on the artwork would get to experience pleasure. Canvas prints give out texture and appearance of handcrafted artwork but is simply a software program in real that has transferred a photo that was applied to canvas. In order to transfer photos and convert them into canvas prints has become a latest trend and large business in the past few years. The canvas providers always help people in choosing the best option for themselves according to their needs and wants. When the transferring of the photo onto a canvas is completed, it could easily be wrapped around a wooden frame in order to give a contemporary flair or could also be framed in a more traditional way. The providers offering these services list down wide variety of options available on their websites. People could easily consider the location destination of their image on canvas printing while making a decision on finished product. For many decades, the reproductions of original artwork have been printed onto canvas. The canvas printing has also been associated with wither inkjet print processes or dye sublimation since 1990s often referred as Giclee and reprographics respectively.