Intelligence, creativity, communication skills and a business mind are all needed to make a good Graphic designer. You would hear many people saying they want to be a graphic designer because the job is very interesting. However, this was never heard of until a few years back. The field of graphic designing has gained immense important in recent years, thanks to the surge in demand for digital printing. Previously, a graphic designer’s job was considered as peripheral to the business. In today’s world of digital printing and promotion, the very same job forms the core of multimillion-dollar companies that specialize in printing and designing of various kinds of signage. Visual Communication and Graphic Designing According to a study by the University of California, 55% of everything learnt by a particular audience is through visual communication. The cliché; a picture is worth a thousand words holds true when it comes to beautifully designed images placed against stark backgrounds that cannot possibly go unnoticed. The importance of graphic design can be gauged by a simple realization that today no promotional vehicle, be it a web page, billboard or banner is put up without some kind of imagery done on it. Graphical displays help retain messages for a longer period compared to text messages. The field of graphic designing has gone leaps and bounds because of these realizations. Today, it has become commonplace to see designs being created with the help of free software and programs that provide step by step guides on how to create personalized images and banners. With the need for visual communication on the rise, Graphic designing has become central to a business that wants to market itself effectively by using various modes of communication, all of which are made with graphic designing. Services offered by a Graphic Designer The job of a graphic designer is not an easy one. Apart from being technical, this job entails the person to be artistic as well. Since visual communication and graphic designing is all about sketching a beautiful image via computers, an expert graphic designer should be able to contrast colors and define lines to create sharp and attractive signs. There is a bundle of services offered by graphic designers when one places an order for a standee or mural. The team of graphic designers helps choose images, advises on the quality of images, and tries to fully understand the needs of the client first. From this point, it is the team leader’s task to make sure the resulting product is exactly like the one promised. The graphic designer then gets to work. Once the prototype is made and approved, the design is then printed on large size sheets and PVCs for installation. A very important skill that a graphic designer should have is that of customer relationship management. Interpersonal skills are necessary because there is extensive interaction and communication between the graphic designer and the company representatives who want the image on the banner to look exactly as they have in mind. Graphic Designer at Easy Sign Inc.   In house, efficient and expert graphic designers are available for consultation at Easy Sign Inc. that provides quality printing for any kind of business. The designers are trained to analyze the images and surfaces that one wants to include in the printing process. The next step is for the client to write a small brief or create a sketch showing how they want their image to look like. Faded, clear, sharp or subtle are all options in digital imagery that help a designer to create aesthetic designs specifically suited for the client’s needs.  As a final step, the graphic designer makes a rough draft of how the image would look like on promotional tools and sends it over to the client for approval after which the prototype is ordered for printing. To accommodate clients and serve them better, Easy Sign also allows customers to make changes and alternations during the designing process, ensuring complete customer service by graphic designers who are trained in the best possible way. From a logo to a promotional billboard, Easy Sign has the right combination of expertise, technology, and intelligence to satisfy all your designing and printing needs.