An exhibit display is a great opportunity for lead generation, direct sales, market study and even for “competitor espionage.” These 2 to 3 days of tending to prospects and talking to costumers tells one so much when it comes to the things that you can do to expand the sales of your business. However, in order to have all this, the look and the aura of your display is something that you should first plan on. A well-planned and neatly set-up booth will always attract people. Therefore it is very important to come up with a working design for the display. This is exactly what this guide is all about- working out a good plan for your exhibit booth without drilling a hole in your pocket. A Guide to Planning the Look of Your Exhibit Display 1. Decide which promotional paraphernalia will you use and how will you make the most out of each one. A professionally-designed backdrop and catchy banner stands are not only the most essential promotional paraphernalia in a booth. They may also serve as your opaque dividers from the booths beside you so that people who come into your booth will have their attention solely on your displays. Of course, streamers, giveaways and colorful brochures should also never be left out. 2. Pick-out a design theme and color scheme that goes well with your main offer. In contrary to common knowledge regarding the choice of flashy colors and themes for an exhibit display, a business and what it offers become more memorable to prospects and clients when it goes well with the businesses’ original color scheme and theme. When done in an appealing manner with neat gimmicks, people are sure to be funneled into your booth. 3. Plan-out your booth’s area for an illusion of space. Strategically use stuff around your booth. Your post could be a table with neatly positioned catalogue and brochure holders. Your shelves could also be used as area dividers. Use freestanding product shelves and holders instead of having bigger tables for the purpose. Be sure to keep your booth clutter-free. A spacious booth or the illusion of one gives a welcoming cue to people. However, a booth that seems disorganized and congested gives people a poor image of your business- thus, driving people away. Surely, having the chance to spread word and share what your business has to offer by setting up a display booth in a bazaar or a trade fair is an important marketing event. However, just as the old cliché goes “first impression lasts” it is essential for any business owner to come up with a great exhibit display. For this matter the 3 ways mentioned above are more than enough to start with.