Create Brand Awareness with Duratrans Printing:

Duratrans are one of Easy Sign Inc. most popular products, which are especially designed to make astounding display transparencies from color negatives or inter-negatives.  Duratrans Printing is also known as light box graphic and considered to be one of the most effective means of conveying message to passing foot traffic.


Duratrans Printing is translucent – base color materials that are designed for back lit in order to produce large transparencies. Your image would be sandwiched between an opal backing and Perspex cover for the purpose of protection then lit from behind to provide life and depth to the image.  The thick base is provided for the Duratrans printing to provide it necessary resistance to tearing and making it suitable for large displays so it could easily be suspended with grommets, springs and hooks.

Quality Material:

The Duratrans provided by Easy Sign Inc. is unsurpassed and unmatched quality in every possible aspect. The material used by our company for Duratrans printing mainly features whites that allow us extraordinary reproduction of fine detail and a wide spectrum of dynamic colors. Whether you are looking for smoothest gradients or deep color saturation, our company could provide you with highest quality transparency product that would help you majorly in gaining competitive advantage in a dynamic market.

Skilled Management:

The printing staff at Easy Sign Inc. has worked several years in research and development in order to achieve perfection in the Duratrans printing.  Thus, our printing professionals are highly specialized in this field of work and have been providing flawless Duratrans prints to our valued clients for many years. As a result of dedication and commitment, the customers who have experienced our Duratrans printing come over and over to make use of our services. Therefore, if you want to get extensive information about our Duratrans prints, then you could always consult with one of our printing experts and they would be happy to guide you the whole process and techniques of how to create an effective backlit display for your organization.

Why use Duratrans Printing?

The Duratrans designed by Easy Sign Inc. serve as an astounding and exceptional transparent display thus appear eye catching and unique in the eyes of consumers. In order to grab attention of clients, customers and shoppers, the backlit displays are mainly printed in full color that gives out a great impression. They work perfectly as an alternative to the traditional banner advertisements or airport directories and Mallscapes.  The advantages of Duratrans are unlimited but the fact that they keep the cost of advertising low and not having to replace pieces frequently makes them an ideal choice for promotions. Duratrans are commonly used in large facilities such as arenas, casinos, and movie theatres etc. where the company wants to grab the attention of a huge audience. Therefore, we use high quality inks and polycarbonate that would help you capture greater customer attention with the help if custom designed Duratrans pops. Duratrans printing serves as a perfect display material used for backlit and Light-boxes are most commonly used in marketing and promotional activities such as trade shows and exhibitions. Due to the usage of high and durable material, you could use them for repeated shows not just once. Apart from outdoor elements, you could use them for indoor displays to let customers know about your latest promotions.

Why prefer us?

Easy Sign Inc. also offers a great range of services for Duratrans to its customers so they won’t have to go under several roofs to get their things done. The services provided by us mainly include printing, designing and installation for the feasibility of our customers. We assure to provide you the best quality Duratrans for both indoor and outdoor usage. Our prints are moisture, scratch and water resistant and could also be laminated for an extra layer to provide protection at the request of the customer. In this way, regardless of the place they would be placed, our Duratrans print would last for a longer period saving you from the hassle of replacing them. Thus, if you are planning to use Duratrans for your upcoming marketing activity then Easy Sign Inc. should be your top priority as our satisfaction and success lies in the satisfaction of our customers.