We see banners and posters thrusting information at us from all angles. Some of these banners are the regular billboards and streamers that have been around for a long time. However, technological advancement has enabled sign makers to create innovative signs that offer far more visibility than traditional banners. Duratrans were created so that company banners and promotions can stay visible to traffickers even at night. We all have seen Duratrans in a shop, a café, a theater or a Tradeshow but didn’t put enough thought into how it was different from a regular poster. 3D advertising and imagery uses Duratrans excessively. The backlit technology adds depth to images creating signage that is retained by the masses for a long time. What are Duratrans? Duratrans, short for Durable Transparency, are transparent banners with lights fitted in the back that make the sign visible to viewers. Originally the word ‘Duratrans’ is a trademark brand of Kodak that produces semi transparent sheets for photographic purposes. A very common example to help you understand is that of advertisements that are lit up from behind. Therefore, a Duratrans is a large size negative of a photo, that has to be lightened up for the image to show. With this explanation, you are sure to count the numerous times that you have seen duratrans! The semi transparent base used in this kind of banner can be polyester or vinyl. Both these materials are suitable for making duratrans with good quality prints that are long lasting. Also called Translite banners and back lit displays, Duratrans printing has become common owing to high demand and digitalization of printing that has enabled fine images and text to be printed on a variety of surfaces in the large text format. Customized Duratans Printing Exactly like a customized Wall mural is created by choosing a memorable picture and transferring it onto a surface for making a live size mural, customized duratrans printing uses images and texts as specified by the client. These are then printed on the semi transparent vinyl sheets with the help of high speed printers that are accurate to the last pixel. Duratrans printing is usually done on signs that are not subject to constant changing. For example the menu bar hanging overhead in a restaurant is not changed on a monthly basis thereby, justifying the cost of duratrans printing. What makes Duratans ideal for sign boards and banners? The popularity of Duratrans in the field of marketing and everyday life is not without reason. They have many characteristics that are above and beyond other mediums of promotion, making them one of the most widely used modes for displaying signs. The following top three characteristics of Duratrans are the most prominent:
  • Retain colors for longer: The printing process involved in duratrans retains image and text colors for years. That is why investing in this mode of display is a smart choice before there is no need for replacement for years to come.
  • High Resolution: High resolution means that the displays are of high quality with vivid and bright colors and sharp edges. Attention to detail is a characteristic feature of duratrans printing.
  • Size of Dots: The dot size of duratrans and backlits varies. However, it is very suitable for digital printing that renders smooth and sharp company logos and images.
Duratrans at Easy Sing Inc.   Easy Sign Inc. is a Florida based company that masters the art of printing on Duratrans. Easy sign has been in the sign making market for a number of years and is known for its in house services of designing, printing and installing of public and private signage. The company has created back lit banners for plenty of clients and has unmatched expertise in this field. It has produced translite displays for tradeshows, menu boards at restaurants, airport information displays, retail signs and many other purposes for clients from all walks of life. Easy Sign has duratrans displays available in varying sizes, shapes and colors with scratch and water resistant capabilities. They are high in resolution with vibrant colors and sharp images that stay bright and shiny longer than regular banners. This makes them visible during the day with the back light off as well.