The art work, painting or photo displayed on your home or office wall says a lot about you, therefore you need to put in some though before you select a particular canvas printing that you are about to buy. It does not only have to match your taste but also the setting and decoration of your room. Sometimes scenery is preferable over your own photograph while at other times, your own picture or that of your family might be a better choice. Nonetheless, canvas printing can be a very wise option for decorating your room, it give you an opportunity to express your talent as well as your feeling and emotions in a very artistic matter. However, choosing a piece of art is not that simple since there are different methods applied for canvas printing and each technique brings out unique results. The two contemporary methods for canvas printing used are giclee canvas printing and lithograph printings; both these methods are completely different from each other and serve different purposes. Therefore, before you actually go out looking for canvas prints to decorate your home, you must know a little about the methods used for canvas printing. If you want something completely unique for your home, then giclee printing might be the most suitable option for you since it produces vibrant colors and life like contrasts to ensure that your painting stands out amongst all others. On the other hand, if you are not too worried about the uniqueness of the painting, then lithography can be a feasible option. Most used for commercial purposes, lithograph prints can be comparatively less costly and may fit the budget of most of the people. The technique involves printing hundreds of copies of the same photo at one point in time. So while buying a lithograph canvas print, you need to be mentally prepared to see the same photo in any of your friend’s house. Durability and maintenance of the photos and paintings is another thing to consider while buying canvas prints to decorate your house or office. Usually more advance techniques like giclee last as long as a hundred to two hundred years while prints from conventional methods may become dull after thirty to forty years. Therefore, if you are looking for something that you want to pass down to your next generation or a particular print that you want to make a signature in your office, then it is best to choose canvas prints involving latest techniques. Otherwise, the traditional techniques are always good enough to decorate your home for a couple of decades. No matter what technique you go for, canvas printing can make your home look more lively and fresh. Be sure to hang all the prints at an optimal height for everyone to view easily and ensure that the print size is good enough to fit your wall. Too large or two small print size may look a little out of place, you can discuss the dimensions of the print with the interior decorator or your printer to get the size of the photo right.