Custom Art Graphic Designer

Perhaps the most dynamic field of art is Graphic Design. In the growing field of marketing, where every company is in a rat race to get to the top, advanced technology plays a major role in determining how innovatively marketing tools are used. The better the marketing by a company, the more it stands out in the eyes of the market. Graphic design is a complex job which makes use of technology together with intelligence and skill to create larger than life imagery and multimedia projections. Who is a Custom Art Graphic Designer? The job of a Custom Art Graphic Designer just gets more complex! This graphic designer not only designs art and images, he also has to be mindful of the exact demands of the client and tailor-make the graphic designs to suit their needs. Customization of graphic design has gained a lot of momentum. Digital printing and designing companies use customization as a service that differentiates them from other similar companies. To gain more and more customers, printing and sign making companies of the likes of Easy Sign Inc., a Florida based digital company, now have in-house graphic designers who are trained in customizing their prints. Not only this, combined with high quality paints, surfaces, printers and state-of-the art technology, Graphic Designers are now able to produce designs that can over entire walls with such bright and vivid colors that the image seems to come to life in the right environment. Roles of a custom Art graphic designer The job of a custom art designer is unlike any other at a printing company. Gone are the days when all an IT ‘guy’ did was work at a desktop, printing out images in bulk. Customization is now the key to designing graphics for businesses and retail stores who want to stand out and get positioned in consumer minds. This objective to ‘stand out’ has made the roles of Custom Art Graphic Designer more complex and varied. Some of the skills necessary in a Custom Art Graphic Designer are:
  • Tech Savvy: Graphic design has become a very technical field. With technology playing a major role in this business, all designs and sketches are now made on computers via technical software. Therefore, knowledge of computers and the technicalities involved in digital designing are imperative  for a custom art graphic designer to work up to expectations of the clients.
  • Artistic: Even though most of the designing work is done on computers, a graphic designer has to be artistic. Thinking out of the box and showing creativity is important to make designs stand out and be one of a kind. Starting with a concept, a creative graphic designer has the ability to take the concept to completion by defining each line and merging every color to create a cohesive and coherent image.
  • Intelligent and Cognitive: In a nutshell, a graphic designer has to think visually. Creating an image and then giving it a character and a personality is not an easy task. It requires equal amounts of artistry and cognitive ability. Organization, Management and control are some of the key roles that a designer has to master.
  • Interpersonal or ‘soft’ skills: For a customized design to be created, a graphic designer has to communicate and interact with a multitude of people. Input is needed from the managers of the client’s company, discussions with the IT department and negotiation with company executives for extra resources are all interpersonal skills that teach a graphic designer how to communicate and interact with people to work as a team.
One of the most important components of interpersonal skills is Client relationship management. Custom art graphic designers have to be well versed in client interactions and communications so that they can listen and grasp the client’s idea and turn it into a wall mural, decal or a customized perforated wall film. Easy Sign Inc. is one of those companies, which take on board highly professional Custom art graphic designers who work side by side with clients to create a perfectly customized mural, poster or billboard. Each one of these signs is high quality, resistant to wear and tear and designed to perfection.