Taking a great picture is one thing, but without the perfect representation it is just a picture. When you have made so much effort in capturing an alluring picture, finding the right printing solution is the only way to do justice to it. If you want to hang it on the walls of your home or office, you can choose from photo mounted on acrylic or you can print photo onto canvas.

Both the options are great and with the latest HD quality printing options, you can create a magnificent photograph display. Each of the two printing solution comes with their unique benefits.

  1. Printing Style

Printing style for both acrylic and canvas is different. While canvas prints are made by directly printing image on the canvas and then it is stretched over a canvas. You can get your photos printed on the canvas in various sizes from small to large. Canvas printing renders a textured look, a more classic display option. On the other hand, acrylic photo prints are created by printing the photo on a photographic paper and then it is sandwiched between two acrylic sheets.

  1. Display quality

While both photo mounted on acrylic and printing your photo on to canvas are of high quality, there are certain qualities that are unique to each of them. Acrylic is the more contemporary photo display option with sharp and vibrant images. Acrylic images look sleek and polished. The canvas prints offers a more traditional type display with its textured prints and are quite popular for displaying photos in homes. Acrylic is widely used in commercial places like offices and malls.

  1. Color Quality

When it comes color quality display, acrylic wins hands down. There is no color loss as no light passes between the acrylic sheets allowing the original color to look vibrant, full of life and rich. Canvas photo prints may lose some of their color vibrancy as they need more colors to look rich and deeper.

  1. Longevity

In terms of longevity, both acrylic and canvas are good, but acrylic prints again have the upper hands. Acrylic is strong, shatter resistant and provides UV protection that keeps your photos protected for years and years. The canvas prints on the other hand are at the risk of cracks in the color and texture if extra layer of protection is not added on to it.

Choose the best printing option for your photographs to display them for years to come with the same quality, vibrancy and aesthetics as ever.