canvas on demand

We all have pictures that we want to preserve for a lifetime. The memories associated with that picture are invaluable and cherishing them means reliving the memorable times spent with loved ones. One way to lock these moments in time is to get your favorite pictures printed on a canvas that you can either hang on your living room wall or put it on your workstation where you love to see it stand beside your desktop PC. A Canvas printed photo is also an ideal gift for friends and family over the holiday season. Getting a customized photo or artwork printed on a quality canvas can be a cherish gift and a great reminder. To make it an even bigger surprise, customize a collage of pictures on a canvas as a memorabilia of the fun times spent with friends! What is Canvas Printing? Canvas printing is an improved alternative to printing photos and artwork on paper. It involves reproducing a photo that you took with your digital camera, on a stretched canvas that can be hung on wall or kept as an enlarged version of your photo. Canvas painting is offered by a lot of printing and signage companies these days because of its obvious advantages over and above the regular photo prints on paper. While paper printing is easily available and more common, canvas printing has gained popularity because the image quality on canvas is much better. This improved quality is owing to a printing process called ‘Giclee’, which uses inks and printers that are technologically advanced and print images that are perfect, right to the last pixel. This process is known to be faster and more immaculate so that the image turns out to be an exact reproduction of the original print. Benefits of Canvas printing over photo printing The smooth and cultured look on a canvas wall hanging speaks for itself when it is gauged for the advantages it has over regular photo printing. There are two major benefits of canvas printing namely;
  • Improved quality: Because printing on canvas makes use of high power printers and superior inks, the quality of the image is better and every detail is pronounced, bringing the picture to life. The rich, textured surface of a canvas gives depth and character to the image printed on it, making it look more stunning than it ever did on paper.
  • Long lasting print: Canvases are made out of cloth and wood, so they are sturdy enough to remain on the walls for years to come. Compared to paper that is usually easily torn; photos on canvas have a longer life and are UV and dust resistant.
These advantages have increased the demand for printing artwork and photos on canvases which are available in customized shapes and sizes. Easy Sign Inc., a Florida based sign making company, makes unstructured and ready to hang canvases with customized photos and artwork that are specified by the client. Canvas Printing at Easy Sign Inc.   Easy Sign, enjoys an excellent reputation for creating signage that is of superior quality and offers very competitive rates. Canvas printing is one of the many services provided by Easy Sign, which has the technology to create completely customized prints on canvases that are rich in textures. As a result, the print quality has greater smoothness and finishing compared to others. The specifications of canvases used are;
  • 21G high gloss- Torino
  • 20M 100% cotton – Torino
  • 17M cotton- Torino
  • An acid free, matte finish GFCVM
The process to get a canvas hanging at Easy Sign is simple. All you have to do is hand over the photos you want enlarged to the professionals at the company. They will advise the best size and print for your hanging and also give it a creative twist to make sure it is exactly like you had pictured. Once the print is ready, it is stretched and wrapped around canvas bars that make for a perfect 3D wall hanging or standing picture. While the professionals and artists work on your canvas photo, all you do is relax and wait for the ready-to-hang picture to be dropped on your doorstep!  With a money back guarantee, Easy Sign Inc. is definitely the best pick for canvas printing and designing services.