Marketing strategies determine the amount of sales and revenue a company generates; a good marketing policy is enough to make your company earn the highest of profits while an inefficient marketing campaign is all that is need to shut down your business. Therefore, special care needs to be taken while planning a marketing design; the kind of medium used, the targeted audiences, the catch lines and the colors selected are some of the basic features that determine the success of marketing results. One of the most used and effective marketing strategy is banner printing which can be used to introduce or market your product to a large audience at once. In order to ensure that your banner printing idea is successful, there are a few fundamental rules and tips that you need to be aware of, some of these are mentioned below: Banner Printing: What to write? Before you start deciding on the design and colors, you need to think of a few precise comments that can be made about the product you are marketing. Make sure that the sentences you write on your banner are focused and to the point because people do not have time to read through paragraphs of information. You can think of a catch line that can appear in bold on top of the banner to gain people’s attention along with a couple of specifications that the product is offering. If you are marketing an event, make sure that the date is easily visible for people passing by in cars etc. Banner Printing: Shape & Design The shape has to be unique; a typical rectangular shaped banner may not be able to catch so many eyes as a round or a cylindrical one. The shape and color combination mostly depends on the kind of product you are marketing. For example, if it is a food item, the colors need to be really sharp and settle while for a dentist’s clinic advertisement, soft color may seem more appropriate. No matter what color scheme you choose, make sure that it comes on the banner printing exactly as you have planned. Most of the time, the printed banner may seem a lot different than the image you had generated on your laptop, so select colors that can be printed easily and do not increase your cost. Banner Printing: Placement Probably the most important thing for successful marketing results is the placement of your printed banners. This once again depends on your target audience, if your product is for kids or teenagers then place your banner near a university or a collage while if it is for adults, then a good spot would be one where there are a number of offices or next to a mall or mart. Banner printing can be one of the most effective forms of marketing if used properly, so make sure that you have done some market research before you start with your campaign so that you are able to grab the attention of your potential clients/ customers.