Acrylic prints are, no doubt, the trendy and modern way to attract attention to a piece of art. Decorating your space with modern art requires a lot of research to ensure that everything inside your space blends well together. While the art on its own is extensive and vivid, use of modern technology adds a whole new layer of sheen to the artistic renders. Before you order your very own wall mounts or decor accessories with acrylic print, you need to get to the basics and understand what you are purchasing. With this extensive guide, we will take a look at some of the crucial aspects that go into the making
of acrylic printing services.

What is acrylic printing?

Acrylic is the transparent form of thermoplastic homopolymer, which is commonly known as its commercial name “Plexiglass.” This material is comparatively similar to the polycarbonate which is suitable for being used as the reliable impact resistant substitute to glass.

It was first produced back in the year 1928. To know more about Acrylic (PMMA), click here!

Different Varieties of Acrylic Printing Methods

 Printing Directly to Acrylic:

The method of printing directly to acrylic is what most commercial print houses prefer. This is because it’s cheaper, and there is minimal labor involvement required. It is mainly produced using machines. Using this method acrylic print manufacturers can create multiple prints within a smaller time frame. When you are looking for service providers in Lauderdale for acrylic printing near me, make sure you ask for the type of printing method they
incorporate. This will help you ensure whether their printing methods fit your personal

 Face Mounting on Acrylic:

The face mounting process for acrylic printing is comparatively laborious as compared to the former method. So, why do most art lovers prefer face-mounted acrylic paintings or decor? Simply put, this process adds in a personal touch to the complete manufacturing process. This, in turn, reflects quality that is unmatched. No acrylic art printed by machinery can match the quality and vibrancy catered by the face-mounted variant of acrylic prints. If you
are looking for large scale custom acrylic print services, you can take a peek at the top-rated acrylic print service provider on Google.

Advantages of Acrylic Prints for Decor or Commercial Use

 Durability:

Durability is the first thing that comes to our mind when selecting a beautiful piece of wall mounting or similar decor items. Unless it lasts for years to come, there is no point in investing your time and money for the same. Picking acrylic prints brings you the promise of longevity. These decor options tend to be shatter-resistant, lighter than glass, and protect your portrait from harmful effects of the UV light. Not just that, most acrylic prints tend to scratch-resistant.

Here is a guide to help you understand the difference between acrylic and glass!

 Uniqueness:

Acrylic printed pictures tend to look vibrant and unique. The face mounting process for professional-grade photographic look between 2 acrylic sheets has been attaining popularity in recent. If you are an art lover, or someone who wants to add a sense of gloss and color pop to your pictures, using acrylic is your best option.

 Color Vibrancy/ Appearance:

Acrylic prints cater to a modern and sleek design that gels well with a contemporary form of home décor or interior design. Acrylic comes with a vibrant yet sharp texture. This is why it is preferred over canvas by many art admirers. If you are looking for custom acrylic print in Lauderdale for your favorite photograph, color vibrancy is one strong reason to go for it. The reason acrylic creates a color pop effect is because no light can pass through it. Plus, no external debris can affect the integrity of your painting.

What More Should You Know About Acrylic Prints?

 Does a thicker acrylic cater to better results?

Regardless of whether the thickness of your acrylic print is 1/8”, 1/4", 3/16”, or 3/8”, the print quality remains the same. A small difference that you will notice though is that thicker acrylic prints allow you to see translucent images from the sides of the frame. This effect is mostly noted with 1/4” and 3/8” acrylic print.

Can Acrylic Prints Be Furnished Outside?

No. While many websites and sellers might claim that digitally created acrylic prints can be placed outside, it is a strict no-no. Acrylics hung outside tend to last a year or so under normal climate. However, if you tend to live in places with harsher climatic conditions, it might not last even a year for you.

 Can One Have Phone Photos On Acrylic Prints?

This would work perfectly with small-sized prints. However, larger portraits will surely require the use of software that can increase the overall D.P.I.

Bottom Line

Fortunately, with the internet era, you can easily order your acrylic prints with the use of a few clicks. Choose the best and reputed maker for acrylic prints online by looking through Google reviews and get your order delivered right from the comfort of your home. Remember, thorough research is the key when you aim to pick a brand that caters exactly what you need.

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