Everyone has seen or at least remembers the billboards that used to line the highways across the country. There are still many left locally, but the days of putting the message up on huge strips of paper smeared with wall paper glue are past. Today, low density vinyl mesh is the material that holds the picture. Outdoor vinyl banner printing companies create prints of any original text and/ or image on any size vinyl background – from the size of a poster to, of course, a billboard. These companies are utilizing the newest in digital printing equipment. With over 1,500 font styles to choose from, a broad range of text sizes and the most advanced color mixing technology available, modern banner printing has brought advertising to many new surfaces. Today, a lot of advertising depends on brand recognition. That means that a picture of a product or a representative of the company is all you need to remember other ads and jingles. Everyone recognizes a Clydesdale horse, Golden Arches or the term Geek Squad. Place those pictures or logos in a smaller space and it can be as effective as a full size billboard. Advertising companies capitalize on that by covering cars, trucks, buses and even the sides of buildings with these printed symbols. The vinyl, especially fade, tear and curl resistant types, is more durable than paper, and new eco-friendly inks retain their vibrancy longer. Instead of driving past a billboard, it now drives past you! Many different materials can serve as the background for the printed image. You can cover vinyl, glass and wood as well as aluminum, plastic, corrugated plastic and PVC signs. Free standing sign frames are available as well as larger frameworks and background displays. You can advertise anything from a yard sale to a major entertainment event and countless things in between. High quality printing services can create vinyl decals or clings that can adhere to glass, painted surfaces or metal and be removed and re-applied. These can be cut into basic shapes or printed on clear backing and provide eye-catching, colorful messages or artwork that are easy to recreate and re-size for other purposes and applications. With the availability of numerous printers in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area, it is easy to gets signs and banners created for any need. Check their websites and see if they can tell you the location of any of their products. The most reputable companies have portfolios of their work, are clear about their services and prices and should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Advertise anywhere with a high quality, reasonably priced banner or sign and develop your name recognition.