Retail Store signs are available in various materials. You can choose from different materials based on your preferences and requirements. Store sign are usually made of high quality materials as they have to bear a lot of wear and tear. When you are choosing a retail sign make sure to choose the right material. Retails store signs are of various types like the Banner Stand, Banners & Flags, Ceiling Tiles, Custom Displays, Pop-Up Display, Printed Posters, Decals, Labels & Stickers, Event & Display Counter Graphics, Event Tent and more. Here are the 4 types of retail sign materials you can choose from: 1. PVC PVC is one of the most popular retail sign materials and is fast replacing the other forms like the wood and paper. They are much more cost effective and durable than the other materials. Some of the benefits of using the PVC include abrasion resistance, light weight, strong, and tough. They are used for various other purposes like in building constructions. They are very easy to use and can last for years. 2. Vinyl Vinyl is another popular material for printing retail store signs. Like the PVC vinyl is another best material for sign printing. They are equally strong and durable. They are fade proof and waterproof so you do not have to worry about your signs displayed in the sun and rain. They will last for very long time and will save you money. And like PVC they are also easy to install and replace. 3. Formed Plastics Formed plastic is another great option for store sign print and display. They might not be as durable and efficient as the PVC and vinyl, but they are cheaper option. In terms of durability and strength and quality of display they fall behind the other materials. 4. Wood Wood is another material for displaying your retail signs. They are the traditional option and have certain charm and elegance. They are not as durable as the other materials though. For instant, in rain and sun, the wood display may not survive that well and excess water can rot it. Retail store sign should be printed on high quality materials and you should choose wisely. All the materials come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You have plenty of options to choose from.